Cabral Libii makes waves with National Day controversy

Cabral Libii makes waves with the National Day controversy

Cabral Libii, a controversial political figure

Cameroun - Polémique autour de la convention d'exploitation du Fer de la  Lobé : Le député Cabral Libii interpelle le Président Paul Biya. - Direct  Info

MP Cabral Libii is well known in the Cameroonian political landscape. A few days before the national holiday, it sparked a controversy that is causing a lot of talk.

The controversy on Twitter


On his Twitter account, the politician expressed his dissatisfaction with the organization of the May 20 parade, which he considers to be in favor of the CPDM, the ruling party.

The CPDM, a favored party?


The MP accuses the CPDM of using the parade to create an "optical illusion" about the number of its activists. A charge that has not gone unnoticed.

The CRM sidelined


Meanwhile, the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) is complaining about his being sidelined from the celebrations. The party accuses the authorities of limiting participation in political parties represented in parliament.

Quiz of the 51st edition of the national holiday?


For this 51st edition, only the political parties represented in Parliament are authorized to parade. A fact that accentuates the controversy and promises a national holiday under tension.