"Maurice Kamto MRC: Strategic participation in the parade of May 20, 2023"

« Maurice Kamto MRC : Strategic participation in the parade of May 20, 2023″

The Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), led by Maurice Kamto, is preparing to participate in the National Day parade on May 20, 2023. Despite the fact that it is not represented in the National Assembly, the Senate or at the municipal or regional level, the party relies on its presence in the rural regions of the country to demonstrate its resilience and its commitment to the Cameroonian people.

1. The Political Situation of the MRC

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The MRC, which had boycotted the municipal and legislative elections of February 9, 2020, finds itself in a difficult position. The party claimed victory in the presidential election of October 2018, but the Constitutional Council declared Paul Biya the winner and Maurice Kamto in second position. This boycott led to a loss of popularity for the MRC, which is now working to reposition itself.

2. The CRM Strategy for the parade on May 20

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Due to its non-representation at national and local level, the MRC did not obtain administrative authorization to participate in the parade in major cities. However, he hopes to be able to participate in the parade in rural areas, where the administrative authorities could be more lenient. The party board has authorized local MRC officials to organize the party's participation in the parade where administrative authority permits.