Erdogan Weakened in Turkey's Elections: A Comprehensive Analysis

Weakened Erdogan in the Elections in Türkiye: A Comprehensive Analysis

Recent political events in Turkey have highlighted an increasingly tense situation. President Erdogan, although not elected in the first round, still performed better than expected. However, the opposition, led mainly by the CHP, disputed this result and even claimed to be in the lead.

Élections en Turquie : « Erdogan détient les atouts pour gagner le second  tour du scrutin présidentiel »

2. Challenge of the Opposition

The opposition expressed outrage when the AKP demanded a recount of votes in almost all the constituencies where Kemal Kiliçdaroglu was in the lead. This action was seen as blatant obstruction. The Central Election Commission (YSK) has still not officially announced the results due to these recounts. Nevertheless, it is obvious that there will be a second round.

Elections en Turquie : revivez le premier tour de l'élection présidentielle

3. Potential Power of Kiliçdaroglu

If Kiliçdaroglu were to win the election in the second round, his room for maneuver would be considerable. Since the 2017 constitutional reform, Parliament has become a mere registry chamber, similar to Vladimir Putin's Duma. The president, who is also prime minister, governs by decree, without checks and balances.

Election en Turquie : qui est Kemal Kiliçdaroglu, donné favori dans les  sondages contre le président Erdogan ? -

4. The Future of Turkish Elections

The future of the Turkish elections is uncertain. With growing tensions between the AKP and the opposition, it is difficult to predict how the situation will develop. It is clear, however, that these elections are a turning point for Turkey and will have a significant impact on the country's political landscape.

Elections en Turquie: Erdogan revendique la victoire, son adversaire  affirme être en tête

The elections in Turkey have highlighted growing political polarization. With Erdogan weakened, it remains to be seen how the opposition will navigate this uncertain political climate. There is no doubt that the coming events will have a profound impact on Turkey's political future.