“Syria reintegrated into the Arab League: a major diplomatic turning point”

Syria reintegrated into the arab league : a major diplomatic turning point

The Syrian president could participate in the annual summit of heads of state to be held in Jeddah on May 19. The organization believes that the decision is necessary because of the need to find a way out of a war that affects neighboring countries.

1. The reintegration of Syria into the Arab League

Après plus de 11 ans d'isolement, la Syrie réintègre la Ligue arabe – Libération


2. The Syrian regime's normalization efforts

After twelve years of conflict and diplomatic isolation, Syria is reintegrated into the Arab League. This decision is seen as a diplomatic victory for President Bashar Al-Assad. Saudi Arabia, wishing to exercise its leadership on regional affairs, played a key role in this reintegration.

The Syrian Regime's Normalization Efforts
The reintegration of Syria crowns the normalization efforts undertaken by the Syrian regime and supported by Moscow for more than five years. In 2018, Assad's forces recaptured much of the country with help from Iran and Russia.

La Ligue arabe réintègre le régime syrien après plus de 11 ans d'exclusion | TV5MONDE - Informations

3. Reactions in Syria facing reintegration

The emergency meeting in Cairo saw Arab League states approve Syria's reintegration on May 7, 2023. This could allow the Syrian president to attend the annual heads of state summit scheduled for Jeddah on May 19.

Reactions in Syria to reintegration
In the province of Idlib, many Syrians are in shock and accuse Arab countries of "whitewashing" Bashar al-Assad's regime. They believe that this decision leaves them in the hands of the Head of State.

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4. Major reversal in diplomatic relations

Major reversal in diplomatic relations
Syria's reintegration into the Arab League marks a dramatic turnaround in diplomatic relations, since in 2013 the anti-Assad opposition was able to occupy Syria's seat at an Arab League summit in Doha, Qatar.


5. Towards full normalization with arab countries

Towards full normalization with Arab countries
Damascus is now counting on full normalization with the countries of the Arab League, in particular the rich monarchies of the Gulf, to finance the costly reconstruction of the country with its infrastructure ravaged by conflicts.

Syria's reintegration into the Arab League represents a major diplomatic turning point in 2023. The consequences of this decision could have a significant impact on regional relations and the situation in Syria.