6 steps to help a schoolmate victim of bullying

6 steps to help a schoolmate victim of bullying


Find out how to fight school bullying and help a fellow victim. Together we can make a difference.

School bullying affects many students and can have disastrous consequences on their well-being and academic success. How to identify this phenomenon and help a fellow victim? Here are some tips to better understand and act in the face of school bullying.

  1. Understanding school bullying It is a real scourge of everyday life, affecting many students across France. This is repeated physical, psychological or verbal violence in the school environment, often perpetrated by a group of individuals against a classmate. Social media has also given rise to cyberbullying, which can quickly become viral and constant.
  2. The consequences of school bullying The consequences on physical and mental health are very heavy. Among them, we can cite absenteeism, dropping out of school, memory and concentration problems, the constant feeling of insecurity, the drop in school results, social and relational isolation, school and social phobia, anxiety-depressive disorders, violent and suicidal behavior, etc.6 étapes pour aider un camarade victime de harcèlement scolaire TELES RELAY
  3. How to react to school bullying? As a witness to a situation of school bullying, it is crucial to speak to a trusted adult, be it a parent, teacher or school principal. Communication is essential to fight against this scourge and help the victims.
  4. Solutions to avoid It is important to avoid trying to solve the problem yourself, seek revenge or resort to violence. The objective is to find viable solutions and sustainable, without stooping to the level of the harassers.
  5. School bullying hotlines If you are a witness of school bullying or a victim yourself, there are free help numbers, such as 30 20 to report cases of school bullying, and 30 18 for help with cyber-bullying.
  6. Raising awareness and educating against bullying It is important to raise awareness and educate students, teachers and parents about school oppression, to create a healthy and caring school environment. Participating in prevention campaigns, organizing workshops or conferences are all possible actions to fight against this scourge.6 étapes pour aider un camarade victime de harcèlement scolaire TELES RELAY
  7. The role of school mediators School mediators can play a key role in preventing and managing situations of oppression. They are trained to listen, advise and support students in difficulty, as well as to help resolve conflicts peacefully.
  1. Encourage empathy and support among students Fostering a climate of mutual aid and support among students is essential to prevent school oppression. Encourage students to speak up, listen to others, and support each other when needed.6 étapes pour aider un camarade victime de harcèlement scolaire TELES RELAY
  2. The responsibility of schools Schools have an important role to play in the fight against bullying. They must put in place clear policies to prevent, detect and manage situations of oppression, as well as support student victims and sanction the perpetrators.
  3. Collaboration between parents, teachers and students Close collaboration between parents, teachers and students is essential to effectively fight against school oppression. By working together, it is possible to create a safe and inclusive school environment for all.6 étapes pour aider un camarade victime de harcèlement scolaire TELES RELAY

It is a serious problem that affects many students and has dramatic consequences on their well-being and academic success. As a witness, comrade or parent, it is crucial to become aware of the extent of the phenomenon and to act to support the victims and prevent new situations. Together, we can help create schools where every student feels safe and respected.

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