Laurent Gbagbo and his supporters organize a big meeting for the Renaissance in Côte d'Ivoire

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Laurent Gbagbo and his supporters organize a big meeting for the Renaissance in Côte d'Ivoire

Laurent Gbagbo, the former Ivorian president and his supporters held a big meeting on March 31, 2023. This was followed on April 1 by a meeting with Ivorian youth.

1. The “Renaissance Festival” and the PPA-CI

Fête de la renaissance du PPA-CI à Yopougon: un défilé encadré par les forces deUnder the sign of "Renaissance celebration", it was the party's first major meeting. PPP-CI (African People's Party), created around the former president de Ivory Coast.

2. The presence of Fru Ndi, national president of the Sdf

John Fru Ndi propose de nouveau le retour au FédéralismeTo give a large scale to this event, the president Laurent Gbagbo invited Fru Ndi, the national president of the Sdf to make the trip. The historical opponent of the regime of Yaoundé, praised the courage of Laurent Gbagbo also returned to his detention at the ICC.

3. Fru Ndi's call for building prisons for real criminals

Cameroon: Paul Biya must be brought before the ICC | CL2P"We in Cameroon, we fought for you [...] Georges Bush who killed people is free while President Gbagbo who did nothing was detained [...] I hope that African youth can in the future close to build prisons here for real criminals,” argued Fru Ndi during the big meeting with Laurent Gbagbo.

4. Laurent Gbagbo and the release of political prisoners

Gbagbo plaide auprès de Ouattara pour une libération des prisonniers - Journal du CamerounSince his triumphant return to Abidjan on June 17, former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo made a firm commitment to free political prisoners from the post-electoral crisis of 2010-2011. Receiving the wives of detainees, the founder of the FPI reassures. “Our fight is to get them out of there. The current point of my program is to fight for the release of all prisoners of conscience,” he said.

5. The meeting between Gbagbo and Ouattara

Ivory Coast: Ouattara honors Gbagbo for his commitment to peaceIndeed, the question had been addressed by Gbagbo during his meeting on July 27 with Alasanne Ouattara, the first since the post-election crisis of 2010-2011 which left 3.000 dead. “He didn't say no to me, but he didn't say yes to me! He will make every effort to free them as soon as possible, this is the answer that was given to me,” said Mr. Gbagbo on Monday.

The list of 110 detainees includes both people arrested after the 2010-2011 crisis, but also people arrested in 2020 during the last presidential campaign and last June on the sidelines of Mr. Gbagbo. If the former Ivorian president considers that these are "prisoners of conscience", some prisoners have been sentenced for blood crimes.

“Real reconciliation imperatively involves the release of prisoners,” said Simone Datté, president of the group of women and parents of crisis detainees.
Back in Côte d'Ivoire in June 2021 after his acquittal at the ICC, Laurent Gbagbo organized his first major meeting on March 31. This date marks the second anniversary of his final release by international justice. A ''Renaissance Festival'' organized in his stronghold, the popular district of Yopougon. The former Head of State had been acquitted on March 31, 2021 of crimes against humanity committed during the bloody post-electoral crisis of 2010-2011 and believes that it is time to look for the real culprits: "If the Côte d'Ivoire wants to be a nation of peace, justice, truth, I advise our dear country to continue to seek the culprits... We must seek the truth and find it", he said. insisted.

Laurent Gbagbo, 77 years old and now president of the African Peoples' Party - Côte d'Ivoire (PPA-CI), has still not put his presidential ambitions on hold. His supporters see him as the man for the job. Already on October 17, 2022, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the creation of the new party, he had been nominated as a candidate for the presidential election of 2025: Damana Adia Médard dit Pikass, secretary general of the PPA-CI, had indicated that '' for the presidential election of 2025, our natural candidate is Laurent Gbagbo''. And to maintain that: ''Laurent Gbagbo has been nominated as their party's candidate. Because there are no other alternatives to Laurent Gbagbo. This message must pass and be understood by all. We are going to create, the day after this anniversary, the conditions for a strong Ppa-CI''. At Ficgayo Square, on March 31, the trend was also for a return of 'Koudou'' to the presidential palace. "In 2025, Laurent Gbagbo will return to the presidential palace", predicts the secretary general of the PPA-CI, Damana Pickass.

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