Stromae cancels its tour: fans react with solidarity and support

Stromae cancels its tour: fans react with solidarity and support

1. Stromae Tour Cancellation Announcement

Stromae annonce l'annulation de sa tournée

Recently, Stromae was forced to cancel his tour for health reasons. This news took fans of the artist by surprise, who were eager to see him in concert. Still, fans aren't mad at him. On the contrary, they sympathize and defend him from those who try to smear his image.

2. Fan reaction


The reaction of fans of Stromae faced with the cancellation of his tour is astonishing. Instead of being angry, they show solidarity with the artist. Fans spoke on social networks and showed their support for the Belgian artist, wishing him a speedy recovery.

3. Criticism of the RTL info media

La belle surprise d'OrelSan à Stromae en pleine interview sur RTL

They also criticized the media RTL info which wanted to collect the opinions of those who are unhappy because of the cancellation of the concerts. Fans called the move in bad taste and felt the artist had a right to his privacy.

4. Stromae health, a priority


Health is an important aspect of everyone's life. Stromae fans are aware of this and it is for this reason that they do not blame the artist for the cancellation of his round. They are aware that the artist's health is paramount and that this decision was not easy to make.

5. Fan solidarity with the artist

Stromae USA fans on Twitter: "@Stromae #stromae #paulvanhaver with friends. January 21st 2018. ❤" / Twitter

Fans also showed their solidarity with the artist by wishing him a speedy recovery and reminding him that he is first and foremost a human being.