Queen Camilla: Inside £850 home Charles 'hates' - he's 'so picky about order'

Queen Camilla: Inside £850 home Charles 'hates' - he's 'so picky about order'

Le Royal family has an impressive portfolio of homes across the country and many of these have been purchased with personal funds and are therefore not part of the Crown Estate. Such a house is of Queen Camilla Wiltshire home she bought after her divorce in 1994.

The house served as the backdrop for official photographs taken of Camilla by Kate Middleton to mark her 75th birthday.

The snaps were featured in the latest edition of Country Life Magazine which Camilla guest edited to celebrate both her historic birthday and the magazine's 125th anniversary.

Although she also has access to royal homes, including Buckingham Palace and Highgrove House in Gloucestershire, the Queen Consort is said to like to sneak into her private home to indulge in guilty pleasures that King Charles does not. would not like.

The relaxed photos of Camilla were taken at her home in Ray Mill, Wiltshire, by her daughter-in-law, the Princess of Wales.

She bought the stunning Wiltshire mansion for £850 after divorcing her first husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, and lived there permanently from 000 to 1996.

It is conveniently located just 15 minutes from Highgrove, the home of King Charles. The house has many amazing features including an outdoor swimming pool, terrace, stables for his horses, large gardens and a river.

The Queen Consort's daughter, Laura Lopes, decided to hold her wedding reception at her mother's house when she married Harry Lopes in 2006.

The house is known to be her own private space, with a source telling the Daily Mail: “At Ray Mill she can sit with a big G&T, kick off her shoes and watch Coronation Street, which Charles hates.


“She also doesn't have to worry about how the place looks – Charles is so picky about order, as she leaves her stuff everywhere. She doesn't need her cushions to be plumped up all the time. »

Deepa Mehta Sagarinterior designer, decorator and founder of Area Decor LLC in Dubai, spoke to Express.co.uk to explain what Camilla's private home looks like on the inside.

She said: "Ray Mill House in Wiltshire is a sprawling historic stone mansion that Camilla bought in the mid-1990s after her first marriage ended.

“The Queen Consort continues to retain her private residence. The media often describe Camilla as 'a country girl' and in that, the mansion is a true reflection of her personality.

“Ray Mill House includes acres of gardens, stables, an outdoor swimming pool and an elegant terrace. Huge windows overlook lush gardens. It all showcases the Queen Consort's love of nature and the outdoors.

“The interiors are interspersed with wooden details and dark wood furnishings that evoke luxury while being enveloped in a feeling of warmth.

“It reflects the genuine, down-to-earth demeanor of the Queen Consort. Of the many homes Camilla lives in, this is probably where she is most herself.

"After all, it is her private residence and a home where she spent many years before moving in with King Charles in 2003."

Since becoming queen, Camilla has maintained her personal home. The expert explained why this is probably the case.

Ms Mehta-Sagar added: “Camilla has kept her home in Wiltshire because it is an extension of her identity. The vast open spaces also make it the perfect hideaway.

“It would appear to be where the Queen Consort spends time with her children and grandchildren, away from the public eye.

“The Queen Consort has always loved outdoor activities and is avid gardener. In this, the huge lush gardens of Wiltshire, far from the hustle and bustle of city life, are an ode to her. »

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