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Your arms may feel venous both when you exercise and when you are still. Also, people with fair skin are more likely to have visible veins than those with darker skin. Protruding veins in muscles can be the result of low body fat percentage and high muscle mass. However, it must be admitted that physical form is not the only factor in this condition, as relayed by Healthline. Here are some reasons why your veins may be more noticeable.

Why do the veins in our arms stick out?

Whether you are still or exercising, the veins in your arms can be very noticeable. Here are a few reasons why your veins may be more noticeable:

visible veins1

Apparent veins - Source: spm

1. Physical exercise

When you exercise, your blood pressure rises as blood circulates through your body. This causes the veins to dilate, making them much more noticeable, especially when you are doing strenuous activities, as stated in a survey Publiée dance frontiers in Physiology. For the most part, the visual appearance of the veins returns to normal when you are finished exercising. Some people who do strenuous exercise like heavy lifting may start to develop permanent blue veins. Always be careful when lifting weights or exercising if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure.

2. A high level of stress

Venous arms can be a sign that your body is stressed, either from your daily routine or from your physical activity. High stress levels can cause vascularity if you have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Aldosterone, another hormone, can also cause an increase in your blood pressure and sodium and water retention, as well as an increase in blood pressure. It can also explain the swelling of the veins. If you are overweight or have recently gained weight, stress can be related and it is one of the main causes of spider veins.

3. Genetics and age

Some people have naturally translucent skin, which makes their veins more visible, even more so if they have exercised. Veins may also be more visible in older people, because they have larger veins due to weakened valves and thinner, less elastic skin.

4. The climate 

Heat can play a role in the visibility of your veins as relayed by Medical News Today. When temperatures are higher, the veins dilate. This expansion adds stress to the vein wall and can be painful or cause a cramp. If it's hot, you may notice blue veins as blood collects under the skin.

varicose veins legs

Varicose veins on the legs - Source: spm

5. Varicose veins

In general, when we think of varicose veins, we tend to imagine them on the legs. This can signal that the blood vessels are not functioning properly. They can appear on any part of the body where blood circulation and venous circulation are disturbed and where the venous walls and valves are damaged, especially in the hands.

6. Superficial thrombophlebitis

When the veins swell near the surface of the skin, it is called superficial thrombophlebitis, as explained by the medical center Vein Center. This is another health problem, but one which is generally not dangerous, but rather painful. This is inflammation that could be linked to other health problems such as autoimmune disease, infection or others. Occasionally, the formation of a blood clot may be the cause of visible veins.

How to reduce visible veins?

First of all, do not hesitate to consult your doctor or vascular doctor if you have any doubts about the causes or origin of your apparent veins. In addition, it is possible to use certain treatments to reduce the appearance of the veins. Some vascular surgeons use sclerotherapy or endovenous ablation therapy, depending on the case.

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