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The series Apple TV + are an opportunity for Apple to highlight its products, many times. the Wall Street Journal watched 74 episodes of several series on the streaming platform and saw over 700 brand product placements!

Hundreds of Apple product placements in Apple TV + series

The viewing concerned several series, including Ted lasso, The Morning Show, Defend Jacob, Mythic Quest: Raven's Feast et Trying. There were 300 iPhones, 120 MacBooks, and 40 pairs of AirPods. Ted lasso even did very well with no less than 36 Apple product placements in a single episode! These were products used by characters or in the background (on a table for example).

Of course, everything is calculated and Apple is doing what is necessary in terms of product placements in its Apple TV + series so that the iPhone, Mac or AirPods stand out. As Cristel Russell, a marketing professor at Pepperdine University, explains, the viewer focuses primarily on the center of the screen. Apple uses this logic in several scenes of Ted lasso and The Morning Show, for example, in which the products are slowly highlighted in the middle of the screen.

Several elements to take into account

Another notable factor is the audio. Indeed, there are regular sounds coming from products, like the iPhone, for messages and other notifications. In several scenes of Ted lasso, the characters can be heard declaring that they intend to make a FaceTime call with someone. The character of Ted Lasso also says that he would buy Apple shares. Although subtle, these audio elements help the audience to make a connection with a particular brand or product.

Finally, the professor evokes a link between history and the placement of Apple products. The writers and producers of Apple TV + series aim to make direct emotional and physiological connections for viewers. In some scenes of Ted lasso for example, Ted can be seen using his iPhone to help him get closer to his wife while they are in the process of getting a divorce. As said before, all of this is anything but trivial.

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