disagreement between Motaze and Joseph Lé on the integration of graduates from a Cemac school

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The Minister of Finance (Minfi), Louis Paul Motaze, revived his colleague from the Civil Service and Administrative Reform (Minfopra) with a view to clarifying the administrative situation of Cameroonian graduates of the 6è promotion of the Institute of Economy and Finance, a regional training center for financial authorities in Central Africa (IEF-PR) since July 7, 2021.

If the Minfi comes back to the charge, it is because the situation of these graduates remains ambiguous since December 2, 2019, date of the first referral to the Minfi, while "The latter are involved with dedication at work in my ministerial department", notes Louis Paul Motaze.

The latter has even requested arbitration from the services of the Prime Minister (SPM) since October 7, 2020. In this correspondence, the Minfi reminds the secretary general of the SPM that these Cameroonians were recruited within the framework of the competition launched by the IEF -PR in the treasury, economy and finance, customs and tax sectors for the 2015 session. At the end of the announcement of the results by the board of directors on October 29, 2019, the integration files of the winners sent to the Minfopra a month later have not received favorable treatment.

Primacy of Community regulations over national legislation

Minfopra justifies its refusal to integrate these graduates by the fact that recruitment into the public service is made either by competitive examination or by qualification according to the procedures specified by the particular or special statutes. However, insists Minfopra, "The provisions of the particular statutes of the bodies of civil servants of the general administration, of the body of active customs officials and that of treasury and tax officials do not allow the integration of graduates of this school". In addition, continues the Minfopra, recruitment to the public service is made on the basis of an annual recruitment plan validated by the Prime Minister, which takes into account budgetary sustainability.

The Minfi opposes the Regulation on the IEF-PR studies regime. Its article 73 is clear: "Civil servant students who graduated from this establishment are integrated into the body of their specialty in the civil service of their country of origin". In addition, the revised Cemac Treaty indicates that “The regulations and framework regulations are general in scope. The regulations are binding in their entirety and directly applicable in any Member State ”.

Finally, this Treaty enshrines its primacy over national legislation by providing that "The acts adopted by the institutions, bodies and specialized institutions of the Community for the achievement of the objectives of this Treaty shall be applied in each Member State notwithstanding any contrary national legislation, prior or subsequent".

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