Anglophone crisis: 4 separatists neutralized Bamenda

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Media sources said it was during a patrol organized by the Army on the night of Sunday to Monday, September 13, 2021.

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It is at a place called Ntarikon not far from the entrance to the home of John Fru Ndi, that a patrol of unmarked vehicles led this Sunday around 23:45 pm, by Lieutenant Bakary Hamadou and 4 elements confronted separatists, a learned Lebledparle various facts.

The results of the said attack show " 4 neutralized separatists, 1 Toyota Carina E vehicle intercepted on information, AK 47 ammunition and 4 loaded magazine boxes recovered »Reports ABK radio.

Among the attackers neutralized in the early hours of that day in Bamenda, in the North-West region, the named Vitalis who had just escaped from prison, we learned.

Note that the latter were very bloody in this region in crisis. A plainclothes police inspector was murdered by armed men, as was a civilian killed by as yet unidentified individuals.

At the same time, our editorial staff learns of the deaths of at least seven soldiers in the space of just two days, following attacks by separatist fighters.

The loss of human life adds to that recorded since the start of the crisis at the end of 2016.

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