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If the bleaching of graying hair remains a practice still as widespread as ever, it is undeniable that the technique of sublimation of gray hair continues to gain traction. More trendy than ever, it has also made it possible to avoid dyes that damage the hair. Indeed, the chemicals provided for this purpose are aggressive for the scalp and also cause drying out.

grey hair

Gray hair can be a real aesthetic asset - Source: spm

Moreover, while gray hair is one of the first signs of aging, its appearance depends above all on a decrease in the production of melanin which is responsible for hair, eye and skin color. Phenomena that can occur outside of the aging process.

gray hair1

Some women gracefully wear their graying locks - Source: spm

Still today, gray hair is worn gracefully and this in particular in comparison with a time when keeping them, was seen as "letting go". It is thus in the service of this new change that we share with you these 5 stylist tips in the hope that they motivate you to no longer hide them and to expose their beauty, rightly so.

platinum color

Platinum colored hair is especially trending today - Source: spm

5 stylists' tips to preserve and enhance platinum hair

If you have graying hair, turning to the platinum hair trend is a great choice because it helps paradigm shift while being very aesthetic and particularly elegant. The interest of this practice is to assume the progression of gray hair while skillfully amalgamating it with an interesting set of reflections for platinum hair of the most beautiful effect.

gray roots

Grayish Hair Root - Source: spm

For beginners, know that the hardest part, namely letting your gray hair show through, will be quickly dispatched when you get used to this style. However, it is recommended to continue to maintain your gray hair so that they do not turn yellow and do not get damaged. Here are the 5 tips without further ado.


A result that delights the eyes - Source: spm

1. Wash them with the appropriate shampoo: If you have naturally gray hair, opt for a neutral shampoo without ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, silicones or dimethicones. If you have bleached hair, wash it first with nourishing, moisturizing shampoo.

suitable product

Choose the right product - Source: spm

Then, it is the second application of the shampoo which will have the role of sublimating your hair with this time, a purple toning product that you will leave to act for a period of 10 minutes. In this way, you allow your hair to retain and maintain a beautiful grayish tone by neutralizing warm highlights and yellow strands that are starting to appear.

beautify your hair

Beautify Your Hair With Purple Toning Shampoo - Source: spm

2. Moisturize your platinum hair: As the discoloration dries out the hair, it is essential to go through the hydration box. To do this, prepare a moisturizing mask to apply once a week if you have natural gray hair. For example, you can use a nourishing natural mask based on avocado or banana.

Another option is to maintain the grayish or whitish tones of your hair using purple conditioner. This will enhance the metallic appearance of your hair for a pleasing result.

moisturize your hair

Moisturize your hair with a mask, especially if you have decelerated it - Source: spm

3. Avoid the hair dryer: Don't make the mistake of messing up your hair with a hairdryer. Just dry them naturally by simply using a cotton towel with which you absorb the excess water. Then all you have to do is air dry your hair. This way you avoid ending up with frizzies and dry hair due to the dehydration caused by the hair dryer.

hair dryer

A towel is enough to dry your hair - Source: spm 

4. Opt for a platinum dye just once: It is possible to dye your hair a gray / platinum color but only once in order to let the hair grow naturally and start with a smooth transition with graying highlights.

If, on the other hand, you are not yet ready to take the plunge, you can try cinnamon dye to color gray and dull hair.

dye your hair

Color your hair once a month to keep it looking good - Source: spm

5. Cut them every two months: In order to avoid ending up with the brittle ends which promote hair loss, it will be up to you to cut them periodically. In this way, you preserve the health of your hair fibers while helping them to regenerate. A frequency of once every 2 months should be sufficient.

cut your hair

Cut your hair once every two months - Source: spm

These tips that encourage taking on and adopt the gray / platinum look allow you to take care of your hair and avoid colorings which all in all damage the hair fiber and cause hair loss.

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