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This state can have emotional as well as physical consequences. This is the case with a vital organ like the heart which can be damaged. Relayed by Santé Magazine, the French Federation of Cardiology explains its consequences, within the framework of its Observatory of the hearts of the French.

Stress can cause heart disease

Caused by a strong or recurring emotion, stress is a condition that is frequent during setbacks in the context of professional, private or daily life. This physiological reaction to a perceived “danger” can be at the origin of numerous consequences which can also be harmful to health. This state that can cause anxiety, manifested by these symptoms, can cause insomnia, increase smoking but also amplify a poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and weight gain. Only, stress can expose you to other risks such as the likelihood of having strokes. A fact proven by the Federation of Cardiology which shows that this reaction of the organism harms this vital organ.

heart attack

Heart attack - Source: spm

What are the types of stress?

This state falls into two categories. One is called "acute stress" and is characterized by a sudden and abrupt reaction. Another form of this reaction is called "chronic" because it is long-lasting. It is the first type that can have deleterious consequences for the myocardium because it causes an increase in the body's need for blood. This effect is also accompanied by a decreased oxygen intake and a risk of blood clots. These long-term mechanisms can be the cause of a heart attack, which manifests as 8 signs that can lead to cardiac arrest. In the FFC report, we can read: “The sudden onset of anger outbursts is the most harmful trigger for acute stress. It can, in weakened people, multiply by ten the risk of infarction. "

What are the consequences of chronic stress?

While acute stress correlates with the risk of a heart attack, what is termed "chronic" may also be a risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease. According to the report of the medical body, it can increase the risk of high blood pressure but also increase bad cholesterol. The document specifies that this stress, which lasts over time, can promote weight gain, especially in overweight people. What causes negative emotional states can also increase sedentary lifestyle and create a vicious cycle since it fuels chronic stress.


Stress Can Cause Cardiovascular Disease - Source: spm

Women most affected by stress

If from a global point of view, the correlation between stress and heart disease is proven, women are more affected by these consequences. And for good reason, their coronary arteries are narrower and this population is therefore more vulnerable to the spasms caused by this reaction to the environment. This is mainly because acute or chronic stress constricts vessels related to the heart and can potentially cause more severe inflammation. According to the French Federation of Cardiology, four in ten women who have had cardiovascular disease linked to stress would experience stress at work. When the arteries are damaged, it creates a greater risk of blood clots forming which can eventually cause the heart to stop working.

stress woman

Women are more prone to stress - Source: spm

How to fight against stress?

Stress is a condition that can alter all bodily functions as well as mental health by causing depression. However, it is possible to fight against his symptoms and thus protect his heart health. It starts with stopping habits such as tobacco, alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle or even a copious and little varied diet. Having a better management of this nervous state is also a relevant initiative to suffer less from its bodily effects. The Federation of Cardiology recommends the practice of a sport of at least 30 minutes per day. A therapeutic remedy such as consulting a psychologist can also deconstruct the thoughts that lead to this constant state of alert. Yoga or mindfulness meditation also helps reduce ruminations that can adversely affect our physical and mental health. Creative hobbies can also help achieve a relaxed state to take a break from a brisk pace of life. When we are stressed, we can experience many physical effects. 9 things happen to the body when we are victims of this reaction.

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