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What's up with Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers? Where has she been lately? Is she secretly pregnant? Have she and her quarterback fiance ever had a secret pandemic baby?

These seemingly outlandish questions were coming up quickly and furiously from fans, but some of these questions may have been answered this week by @PlanetShailene, a Woodley fan Twitter account, who posted photos of her from the New. Mexico set of his new film, "Robots".

"Shailene Woodley is not pregnant, you all need to relax", the fan account published on Wednesday: Photos posted by @PlanetShailene show Woodley at work with co-stars and not looking pregnant.

But of course, the absence of a baby bump doesn't mean Woodley isn't in the early stages of pregnancy, some would argue.

Secret pregnancy questions sparked this week when the 'Big Little Lies' star, 29, shared an unusual Instagram post, which showed a black and white photo of cute baby feet but without explanation.

"Is she a mom?" Is that a random baby? Who is it? Shailene Woodley (has) a baby and no one knew it, ”one fan asked. “I need information here.

Yeah, what were the fans thinking? The moment of the photo of Woodley's baby feet also struck people as curious for other reasons, given that she posted it the same week that comedian John Mulaney revealed that Olivia Munn, his new girlfriend, who happens to be Rodgers' ex-girlfriend, was pregnant. .

Fans have also reflected on the state of the relationship between Woodley and Rodgers following the Green Bay Packers quarterback's interview this month with Haute Living magazine. The three-time MVP said being separated from his fiancee for up to four months could "be a good thing" as he focuses on the football season and she speeds up his film and television plans.

“It's a busy work period for her, so (my decision) probably came at a good time so that we could both focus on our work. I think it's going to be a good thing, ”said Rodgers, 37, of playing football again with the Packers after a high-profile contract dispute.

“I mean, her job was closed for a whole year and she booked a number of projects,” Rodgers said. “She enjoys work and her own routine, which I obviously enjoy as well. "

If fans have started rumors and conspiracy theories about Woodley and Rodgers, maybe it's because the couple have shown a penchant for secrecy and for leaving fans guessing with their secret COVID-19 lockdown court and their relationships. 2020 wave calendar.

Then, after confirming their engagement in early February, Rodgers and Woodley turned things around and seemed happy to be all over in the media, publicize their fabulous trips together, give interviews, pose with friends for social media and be photographed by curious paparazzi.

In one of those interviews, the former Golden Bears star player from Cal didn't hesitate to want to start a family, Yahoo reported. He said in a live Instagram chat, “I think the next big challenge will be being a father. "

Around this time, the new super couple were pictured aboard a private jet in late March in Mexico. They then appeared on social media at a restaurant in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in early April and were "pampered" that month spending time at the beach with their dog in Malibu. They then headed to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida for the Easter break, where they were goofy together in an interview with the Disney blog, Chip and Company.

In April, they were seen at the Kentucky Derby, along with Woodley's alleged anti-vaccine actor boyfriend, Miles Teller, and his wife, Keleigh Sperry Teller. In retrospect, some believed Sperry Teller was leaking a pregnancy clue about Woodley in one of the photos she shared on Instagram. In the photo, the model's hand is on Woodley's stomach in a possible 'there's a baby here' way, according to La Coupe.

But no one looked pregnant in the avalanche of photos on social networks which emerged in late May, when Woodley and Rodgers were with Teller and Sperry on vacation in Maui.

Woodley also did not appear pregnant in photos taken on June 10 for a cover of The Hollywood Reporter.

As Rodgers said, Woodley seems busy, which means she probably doesn't have time for a baby. Her IMDB The page shows a list of upcoming projects, including a new film starring Teller, his previous co-star on "The Spectacular Now" and the "Divergent" series. Their film, "The Fence", is in pre-production, and they will play a liberal couple in conflict with an ultra-conservative neighbor.

An insider source insisted to E! New at the end of last month that Woodley and Rodgers would soon be together again. After finishing filming in New Mexico, she would join him in Wisconsin, supporting him during his season with the Packers, the source said. The Packers' first regular season game is Sunday, September 12 against the New Orleans Saints.

“They don't like being apart for too long and can't wait to come back to the same place,” the insider added.

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