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Like down, hairs can grow on the breast area, especially around the nipples. While some people choose a hair removal method to remove them, it is normal to have hair growth on the surface of the skin of the breasts.

It is normal to have hair growth on the breasts

Hair is affected by many parts of the body. Armpits, thighs, lips, buttocks, pubis are all areas of known hairiness. Only the one concerning the breasts is more hidden. Several reasons can explain this natural phenomenon. Among them, a hormonal imbalance or simply heredity. While some women may decide to take them on, others may find them unsightly and seek to get rid of hair by several methods because they can cause complexes. Although they have no direct impact on health, they can create a feeling of discomfort which can alter the life of a couple and the relationship with the body. However, this state is not inevitable because it is possible to eliminate the hair on the breasts. For this, it will be necessary to understand the causes of their appearance.

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What are the reasons for the appearance of these hairs on the body?

If we can see hair follicles all over the body, these are impacted during the period of puberty. And for good reason, hair is correlated with fluctuations in hormones. The presence of hairs is also linked to genetics which determine the number of hair follicles but also the presence of hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. While there are people who are naturally hairy, others may have a hormonal imbalance which may be due to heredity. Some women can produce more testosterone and have hair that is dark in color, especially on the breasts, chin, mouth, back or temples. Around the nipples, we can note the presence of several hair follicles which can be counted in ten.

Hormonal disorders can influence the number of hair on the breasts

While this peculiarity can be due to heredity, the sudden presence of hair on the breasts or between the breasts is potentially the result of a hormonal disorder. Having more body hair can happen during or after pregnancy. Other elements can promote hair gain such as hormonal treatment. Taking the contraceptive pill, inserting an IUD or a contraceptive implant can cause these hairs to appear on the nipples. Taking specific medications or stress, with negative impact on the body, can be at the origin of a disruption of the hormones which generates an increase in testosterone, the male hormone. When you see hair growth around or between the nipples, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist who can prescribe a check-up. If the testosterone level is high, this can potentially be a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome.

How to remove hair on the breasts?

In order to permanently eliminate these hairs which can be a source of complex for some women, it is advisable to understand what are the causes of their appearance. A gynecologist can, if it is for hormonal reasons, propose an adapted treatment which will be indicated to stop the growth of these hairs. When this option is not possible, you can opt for hair removal techniques. However, it is not recommended to shave for protect you from ingrown hairs that can cause irritation. Waxing is an aggressive method for this thin and sensitive skin. Laser removal of these hairs from a dermatologist or cosmetic doctor is an alternative that requires six to eight sessions. This treatment is quite expensive and allows permanent hair removal. Using an electric epilator can be painful but is a method that can overcome stubborn hairs that tend to grow back. Those who are more sensitive to pain may use creams recommended by a dermatologist. These topical applications work thanks to active compounds that block testosterone, the hormone linked to hair growth. Treatments that can be very effective against these hairs, some of which could do without.

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