Recruitment for Suppliers, Service Providers and Consultants

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Recruitment for Suppliers, Service Providers and Consultants 



1. Opening of a call for expression of interest:

The Secretary General of the CENC invites Suppliers of goods, Service providers, Firms / Design offices as well as individual consultants, to express their interest with a view to establishing a directory of Suppliers, Service Providers and consultants for the headings below:


Content Description

Heading 1

Office supplies and equipment: Office equipment and supplies, stationery,

Heading 2

Computer equipment: Computer consumables, scanners, Copiers, computer consumables

Heading 3

Office equipment: cupboards, office filing cabinet, office furniture

Heading 4

IT Maintenance: IT installation and maintenance

Heading 5

Plumbing Maintenance: installation, maintenance and small plumbing jobs, Plumbing material supplies

Heading 6

Electrical maintenance: installation, maintenance and minor electrical work, supply of electrical equipment

Heading 7

Vehicle maintenance: Vehicle maintenance and maintenance,

Heading 8

Printing, reprography, Serigraphy edition….

Heading 9

Transport of goods: sending of parcels and letters, moving, transport of goods

Heading 10

Catering service: Catering, drinks, etc.

Item 1 1

General trade: food products, accessories and various equipment

Heading 12

Security of the premises: Security (security company), ..

Heading 13

Intellectual services and consultants: Capacity building, Management, English / French, Translation, Administrative writing, Filing and archiving,

Heading 14

Health Products, Medicines, Health Equipment and Accessories

Heading 15

Travel agency: plane ticket, travel organization

Heading 16

Accommodation: Hotel, Motel, Reception house

 2. The expression of interest file for Companies must include a request specifying the chosen section and the following administrative documents (certified true copies and valid for the current financial year):

· Trade register;

Taxpayer card or registration certificate

· Non-royalty certificate dated less than three months;

· Certificate of bank domiciliation issued by a bank or a microfinance institution approved by the Ministry of Finance and Budget;

· Certificate and location plan approved by the competent services and dated less than 03 months;

· Supporting documents of reference in the chosen field ... (Proof of execution of activities in the fields, receipt, delivery note ...)

3. More specifically for individual consultants, the expression of interest file must include the following documents:

· Request, specifying the chosen section;

Taxpayer card or registration certificate

· Very detailed curriculum vitae;

· National identity card or certificate of administrative declaration (NGO, GIC, Association,);

Certificate of bank domiciliation issued by a bank or a microfinance institution approved by the Ministry of Finance and Budget,

· Supporting documents of reference in the chosen field. (Proof of execution of activities in the field, receipt, delivery slip, etc.)

4. The files will be deposited in a sealed envelope in four (04) copies (one original and three copies), at the places indicated below no later than Friday, September 18, 2021 at 15 pm (local time).

Applications will be received every working day between Monday and Friday between 8 a.m.

Each tenderer must register his file at the time of filing on the form opened for this purpose.

NB: the files must ONLY include the documents requested and in the order requested in this call for expressions of interest. Files that are too large and do not comply with this instruction are subject to potential rejection.

Place of filing

Cameroon National Episcopal Conference. 7624 Avenue Mgr Henri Vieter, Mvolye-Yaoundé - KIDSS Project

5. The envelope containing the dossier must bear the words:

"The Secretary General, National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon, 7624 Avenue Mgr Henri Vieter, Mvolye-Yaoundé": Call for Expressions of Interest for the development of the directory of suppliers, service providers and consultants


"Section (specify the section concerned)"

6. A separate file will be created for each section chosen (no more than 03 section per supplier).

7. The call for expressions of interest is available at:

Yaoundé located at the national episcopal conference of Cameroon in front of the college of st benoît

Bertoua located in the Mokolo district Office CENC-KIDSS

Maroua located in the pitoare district in front of the WHO office

Douala located in the Bonamoussadi district near the hotel st James

· Bafoussam located in the Karnkop district.

8. At the time of opening the tenders, the absence of one of the required documents may be sufficient cause for rejection of the offer. Only complete files respecting the forms and compositions mentioned above will be examined. The offers deemed to be essentially compliant will be accepted and approved in the CENC's “Directory of Suppliers, Service Providers and Consultants” for the years 2021/2022 with possible extension.

9. The files provided for the expression of interest remain the property of the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon.

10. You can send all your questions no later than September 04, 2021 By email: or by phone 680318196.

11. No costs incurred by tenderers in the preparation and submission of their tenders will be reimbursed by CENC. All these costs will be borne by each tenderer.

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