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Relayed by our colleagues from Metro, Liz's story was told by a program dedicated to sexual matters. And for good reason, she suffered from a rare disease: persistent genital arousal.

The woman was taken to the emergency room

If everyone imagines that an orgasm is a pleasant experience, it was a real ordeal for this woman who described it as "painful physically, emotionally and mentally". This testimony was the subject of a program called Sex Sent Me To The ER [note: sex sent me to the emergency room]. After her four hour long orgasm, she tried to stop it by drinking red wine and taking histamines, but to no avail. To calm this pain, she was taken to hospital. For this woman, orgasm was accompanied by a stroke.  

Liz's testimony Source: TLC

A four hour orgasm 

It was intercourse for a few minutes that caused these continuous vaginal contractions for four hours. Liz says she felt so bad that she had to call many healthcare professionals to try to figure out what was happening to her. Once in the emergency room, she explained her symptoms to the doctors who wanted to give her a dose of benzodiazepines. Her orgasm ended after four hours, suddenly. Before receiving the drug, the latter suddenly stopped. “They went to the dispensary to get the Valium. They were still writing the papers and it stopped, ”says the patient. Sometimes sex can lead to death. Matthew McConnaughey's father died of a heart attack after having sex.

Liz endured an Endless Orgasm. Source: TLC

A recurrence after hospital 

The pain that would bring the woman to the emergency room will not end in relief. And for good reason, she was not at the end of her sentences since after leaving the emergency room, this "endless" orgasm would return, without any sexual stimulation. "At first it was like after sex, then I got to the point where i have an unexpected orgasm anytime : watch television or walk in the street ”she testifies. Liz can have up to 12 long lasting orgasms in a single day. To treat this condition, the woman had to take an anti-epileptic medication regularly which may have relieved her symptoms. "At the start of the takes, I only had orgasms every two days before it was once a week and finally once a month," she says on television. She says it took about five months before she could fully control this condition. Now, the one who testified on the TLC channel must take her treatment every day to fight this disease. Fortunately, Liz's nightmare is behind her. "I have a very happy sex life and it's a really great feeling" rejoices the woman.

What is persistent genital arousal syndrome? 

Explained by the doctor Charlotte methorst, urologist surgeon, this syndrome involves arousal without desire or sexual stimulation. The specialist explains that in this case, it is characterized by swelling of the clitoris, vagina, nipples and lips and that this leads to orgasm. “Some women will have spontaneous and involuntary orgasms that are felt to be unpleasant, painful and exhausting,” explains the reproductive system expert. Several causes can explain the SEGP which was described in the early 2000s. Among them, certain diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, overactive bladder or restless leg syndrome. The doctor also says that taking IRS, a class of antidepressants and Tarlov cysts, found near nerves near the spine can cause persistent genital arousal syndrome. Surgical treatment may be considered to treat the latter. Women most at risk are often those who are during perimenopause, either before the end of the rules and the hormonal transition of the menopause. "Women who present an overactive bladder, restless legs syndrome or genital varicose veins, i.e. dilated veins in the genital area, are also more at risk of developing this syndrome »She emphasizes. This disease also has psychological consequences because of its impact on daily life. It can also lead to suicide for some patients.

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