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Cough, hoarse throat, sputum and sputum of mucus, here is a panoply of symptoms that we could well do without. However, it is not uncommon to suffer from a cold or a nasty flu. Fortunately, there are health allies on hand to help us alleviate these annoying manifestations. 

A healthy diet for a healthy body

We keep repeating it, but a diverse and varied diet is essential for a healthy body. We also consider that  eat fruits and vegetables of all colors can be a great idea. Packed with a variety of nutrients and minerals, filling up on these foods is rarely a bad idea. Moreover, this survey confirms that their regular consumption would prevent a good number of diseases! This therefore makes them health allies that should not be overlooked, especially when our body is subject to certain unpleasant symptoms. Among them are coughs and phlegm which can create a disabling feeling of discomfort. 

Cough can be very disabling - Source: Femme Actuelle

What are phlegm?

When we are healthy, phlegm results in a thick, viscous secretion from the lining of the nose. This liquid is essential since it acts on the air we breathe in by humidifying it, warming it and filtering out micro-particles that can harm our lungs. 

On the other hand, when you get sick, the nasal mucosa tends to swell and produce more mucus to reject the virus responsible for the infection. The nose then begins to run or ends up being blocked due to the inflammation that constricts our drains. Unable to be eliminated normally through the nasal passages, the thicker mucus then ends up in the back of the throat. Result: the mucus ends up obstructing it. We can therefore find ourselves subject to a cough when trying to evacuate them. 

However, when this happens, a grandmother's tip is particularly useful in relieving these symptoms. 

An effective cough syrup - Source: healthyfood

A syrup against cough and pulmonary mucus

To prepare this natural remedy, we strongly recommend that you choose organic ingredients for optimal nutritional quality. You will need:

  • 500 ml of water
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 lemon

How to prepare it?

1. Start by washing your ingredients. 

2. Grate your carrots then take the juice from your lemon. 

3. Put everything in a blender and mix until you get a homogeneous preparation. 

4. Filter everything to remove residue.

Drink a tablespoon of this syrup morning and evening for optimal efficiency.

Why does it work?

Used for millennia, honey is renowned for its various therapeutic virtues and is particularly effective against symptoms such as a cough or a hoarse throat. According to Fabienne Millet, pharmacist, this ingredient works by lining the mucous membranes of the throat, which helps reduce irritation. Its healing and antiseptic action also promotes faster healing, especially when the cough intensifies during the night and affects the quality of sleep. 

As for lemon, this brightly colored citrus fruit can not only be used in delicious pies but also to strengthen our immune system. Indeed, lemon is a fruit rich in vitamin C. The latter plays an important role in the defenses of our body as demonstrated by this survey. Finally, the carrot is a vegetable that also contains this same vitamin, in addition to compounds with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect useful for the body, as explained in this survey. A concentrate of nutrients to boost your energy and get back in shape faster!

Caution : 

Lemon is not recommended for people with ulcers or heartburn. It is also forbidden to give honey to a child under 1 year old because of the risk of botulism. Finally, if your cold and flu symptoms persist, it is necessary to see a doctor. 

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