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  • According to an insider familiar with Marvel's MCU projects, actor Chris Evans would reprise his iconic role of the Avengers in three Marvel projects.
  • Two of the films will be set in the past, with Steve Rogers set to appear in the Wolverine Projects.
  • The third film could be Dr. Strange 2, where Evans will play a surprising character.

"News for me," Chris Evans said on Twitter when a report last week claimed that the famous Avenger negotiates a return to the MCU with Marvel. Evans said several times after End of Game that he felt he was done with the role after everything that happened with the character. He left the door open for a potential return to the MCU, although he insisted he wouldn't want to ruin Steve Rogers' arc that ended in End of Game.

We've already explained why Steve Rogers (now a retired old man) and some of the dead Avengers might reappear in the MCU. without ruin the legacy of End of Game. Marvel wouldn't just bring Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff back from the dead. And Steve Rogers doesn't have to be our Steve Rogers. This is because Marvel is opening the doors to the multiverse, which makes anything possible. Different variations of our beloved superheroes might appear in the near future, and they don't have to be good ones or superheroes. A Marvel insider who's been posting about the MCU for years now claims to know how Evans is coming back.

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Daniel Richtman said on his Patreon account that the actor is negotiating for three different MCU projects, where he would play two different versions of Steve Rogers. One of them is the obvious Captain America we've all been expecting, but with a big twist.

After End of Game, Rogers is an old man who was able to live a happy life in a different timeline before returning to pass the role of Captain America to Falcon (Anthony Mackie). Marvel is unlikely to reverse this decision. Mackie will become the next Captain America, and we expect to see him play that role in future Avengers crossovers.

Evans is reportedly playing a Captain America version of the past in two projects that will include Wolverine. It's definitely a great premise. After all, the X-Men are coming and Marvel has to take advantage of them. Fans would like Avengers and X-Men interactions, including those team members who have left the current roster.

But the leak is getting even better. Evans could also play the Captain Hydra version of Steve Rogers in a third MCU movie. It can happen as soon as Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness premieres, a film that will give us a better insight into the multiverse. Events in WandaVision will set up the multiverse, and the story will continue in Spider-Man 3. Doctor Strange 2 will conclude this three-part arc, according to various rumors. We already know that Benedict Cumberbatch will appear in these three titles.

Various other rumors have teased all kinds of cameos for the Strange sequel, and having the Hydra version of Captain America would be incredible fan service. After all, when Rogers says "Hi, Hydra!" in this elevator scene in End of Game is a great Easter egg. While our Captain America was just pretending, there is one Captain America in the multiverse who is a Hydra spy.

As usual with rumors, including insider scoops from Marvel, there's no way to verify anything at this time. Dr. Strange 2 launches on March 25, 2022, assuming Marvel won't delay the film again.

Marvel's new Captain America has responded to the rumors, however. “You know, I heard I saw this, and listen, Chris is my boy, so if they're putting the band back together, I'll be very happy with that,” Anthony Mackie said during the Happy sad confused Podcasts.

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