Who is Amanda Gorman, the black poet who caused a sensation during the nomination of Joe Biden?

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Poet Amanda Gorman in front of Capitol Hill during the inauguration of US President Joe Biden on January 20, 2021, in Washington.

During Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony as President of the United States, Amanda Gorman, a 22-year-old black American poet, moved the world.

Wednesday, January 20, Joe Biden was invested 46th President of the United States. But during the ceremony, the eyes of the whole world were caught by someone else, a young black American woman, dressed in yellow and red, who came to embody a poem filled with hope for a torn America. This woman is Amanda Gorman. She is 22 years old. And by interpreting his text The Hill we climb (The hill that we are climbing), it then makes more noise than two queens of the American scene, also invited: Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez.

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Faithful to her committed subjects of predilection, which are racism, abortion, police violence, inequalities or even migration issues, Amanda Gorman talks about the evils of her country. From slavery to the presidency of Donald Trump, without avoiding the most obvious, the unprecedented health crisis of Covid-19.

Nation wounds

Without concessions, she paints the portrait of a suffering nation at the foot of a mountain of challenges. She then stands in front of the Capitol, violently attacked a few days earlier by pro-Trump demonstrators, the day after a presidency marked by police violence and the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We have seen a force emerge ready to break our nation, refusing to share it. Who would have led our country trying to hinder democracy. And that effort almost succeeded. But if democracy is sometimes held back, it can never be annihilated. "

Amanda Gorman recites these words, and her hands follow her narrative in an intoxicating movement, which gives the impression that she is conducting an orchestra. Far from too rigid or too grandiloquent political speeches, Amanda Gorman displays a captivating natural posture.

Its presence is militant and necessary, marked by the hope of reconnecting the political with the cultural and the human in the United States. She speaks of healing the wounds of her nation, and it is not unlike a phrase from John F. Kennedy. In January 1961, the president gave birth to this poetic tradition during his own inauguration, asserting that "when power corrupts, poetry purifies".

First times

Rhymes, Amanda Gorman discovered in CE2. At this age when we recite fables in front of the class, where we discover the surprise questions and this "by heart" which does not leave only good memories to the schoolchildren, Amanda Gorman falls in love with the versified language, rocked by the rhythm of Ray Bradbury. Brilliant, she joined the benches of Harvard where she studied sociology, without losing sight of her taste for poetry. At 16, she won the title of “City of Los Angeles Junior Poet Laureate,” then at 19, she won the same nationwide award.

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It is Jill Biden, the new first lady of the United States, who discovers her during a public reading, and who will plead for her to be “Inaugural poet” (the poet of the nomination). She will thus be chosen by a woman to inaugurate the presidency of a man, but also the vice-presidency of another woman. Kamala Harris and Amanda Gorman share this day a “first time”… and much more. When one is the first of her kind to be elected to this prestigious post at the top of the American state, the other is the youngest personality ever called to recite a poem at this important ceremony. One comes from immigration, the other from slavery. These two women were raised by single mothers and climb this symbolic hill, that of progress, of equality.

"A thin black woman (...) who can dream of becoming president", here is how Amanda Gorman describes herself in The Hill we climb. His objective is already formulated: to run for the supreme office in 2036.

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