Official competitions: a dozen falsifiers of documents arrested by the gendarmerie

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This network has been built up for many years around the sub-prefecture of Yaoundé 1er.

The Nlongkak gendarmerie brigade carried out, on January 19, 2021, an operation not far from the Yaoundé 1er sub-prefecture. This muscular descent led to the arrest of a dozen individuals.

The pandores also got their hands on hundreds of forged documents. Also, false fiscal stamps and seals of administrative and judicial authorities empowered to authenticate or legalize copies of official documents such as birth certificates, diplomas, extracts from the criminal record, etc.

"This network has been built up a long time ago around the Yaoundé 1er sub-prefecture, which its members scour in particular because of the proximity to the services of the governor of the Center, the only administrative authority authorized to authenticate diplomas", murmurs an agent of the sub-prefecture.

The latter specifies that due to the influx of recruitments within the defense and security forces, many candidates avoid harassment and long waits. They therefore prefer to turn to these young people who propose to take charge of the legalization of their documents.

Production of fake diplomas ...

"They don't just imitate the authorities' signatures, they go so far as to produce false diplomas and birth certificates", indicates a security source which no longer counts the new recruits leaving the ranks in full training for non-authentic diploma.

The phenomenon of the falsification of documents does not concern only recruitments within the defense and security forces. It also affects competitive entrance examinations to large schools and even recruitment into the public service.

"The solution lies in the all-round digitization of official documents, and more the birth certificate which appears as the fundamental document", suggests an official from the National Civil Status Office.

The National Gendarmerie recommends the greatest vigilance to candidates for recruitment into the defense and security forces and for the entrance examination to the Joint Military School (Emia) launched by the Ministry of Defense

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