Carole Bouquet reveals herself modestly: what her psychoanalysts tell her

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In therapy, it is the new series of Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache which will be broadcast from February 4 on Arte. She follows the journey of several people who survived the November 2015 attacks in Paris and the relationships they have with their therapists. A fiction in which Carole Bouquet plays a shrink.

The actress was the guest of Augustin Trapenard in his program Boomerang broadcast this Thursday, January 21 on the airwaves of France Inter. The journalist questioned Carole Bouquet on his relationship with his emotions. "I have bad relationships with my emotions, they overwhelm me too much it is precisely psychoanalysts or psychiatrists or my medical friends who constantly tell me thatI have to learn to take some distance. I'm not doing well ”, recognize the companion of Philippe Sereys de Rothschild. A handicap that could come from his childhood : “We didn't say anything, I was brought up by my father who spoke nothing, not at all, at all, at all… Not a word was exchanged between my father, my sister and me, insists Carole Bouquet. And before, I was in boarding school, at 10,11 12 years or 13 years old, these are not fascinating conversations at that age. That's why I love it so much that people tell me stories. "

During her interview, the actress also returned to the power of words : “Words are the easiest thing to kill. More than once, I almost died because of the words of others ... It can be extremely violent ”, advances the actress. The latter is especially worried about the youngest, “When you're young, you take what you are told at face value. We cannot understand that there can be a double, a triple language. We don't know that when we are very young, explained the actress. So other people's words can be terrible. "

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