An Invalides military complex under construction in Yaoundé

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The information is from Colonel-doctor Emile Abeng Mbozo'o, also director of military health at the Ministry of Defense. According to him, the new military complex of Invalides set up, will ensure better care of soldiers in medical evacuation in this hospital establishment.

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The idea arises from the various crises that the country is going through, especially in the North-West and South-West regions with the separatists, in the Far North with the Boko Haram, and in the East where Central African rebels are rife. .

According to the military hierarchy cited by our colleagues at SBBC, since the outbreak of these crises, the Yaoundé Military Hospital has received more wounded than usual. Its reception capacity no longer enabling it to cope effectively with this influx of wounded soldiers on the ground, it is becoming more than urgent to acquire a new health infrastructure to respond effectively to demand.

The structure under construction since October 2020, “With a capacity of 325 seats, and equipped with spaces dedicated to the practice of indoor sport, multisport playgrounds, etc. will provide a framework conducive to the care of the injured in two years', we learn.

Health care… and after…?

Returning from work, wounded soldiers are faced with the challenge of their socio-professional reintegration. The dynamics of the professional reintegration of the wounded in regiment are due to the singularity of the social experience of the wounded and his links with the army.

The institutional responses in terms of socio-professional reintegration find their relevance in the knowledge of individual histories. Such a logic requires the military institution to favor individual solutions that integrate the unique stories of wounded soldiers in service.

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