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  • After two WandaVision episodes, we still have no idea what's going on in this Marvel mystery or who the villains are.
  • Several leaks have already offered alleged spoilers, including the complete plot from the MCU show that just launched on Disney +.
  • A Marvel Insider Who Spoiled End of Game secrets long before the film's premiere have made a number of claims about WandaVision lately, potentially spoiling a few key secrets about the series.

WandaVision is la new MCU show to watch now. Well, this is the only new MCU show to date, as Marvel just launched its Phase 4 roster. The TV show airs online, with Disney + releasing a new episode every week. The first two installments received excellent reviews, as fans seemed to be enjoying the new slow-burning Marvel mystery that debuted with an unusual sitcom-like setting. We know from the trailers that Wanda and Vision will somehow live life together in some sort of universe based on popular sitcoms.

It's not clear how or why Vision is back, but this universe cannot be real. The first two episodes did little to point us in the right direction, sparking a lot of speculation online about what is happening to Wanda and who could be the villain (s). We saw lots of suspected leaks so far detailing various elements of the WandaVision plot, and we showed you how Marvel might have hid a major spoiler in plain sight. Marvel insider who provided multiple details on previously unreleased movies and TV shows might have messed up some keys WandaVision secrets - beware, some major spoilers follow below.

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A person named Roger Wardell revealed on Twitter several End of Game details long before the movie premieres. He then posted additional leaks from Marvel on Twitter. His posts were sporadic, but he continued to post regularly before he fell silent. A second Roger Wardell appeared online at some point after that, continuing the same series of Marvel leaks. Many people have wondered if the second account is genuine or if someone is spoofing the original leaked one.

In December, the new Wardell posted a few tweets about the WandaVision, which will be released almost three weeks later.

26 December: In order not to arouse suspicion and blend in with the community, Wanda and Vision will pose as a stage magician known as Glamor and Illusion.

28 December: Wanda uses a type of energy emanation to modify reality and influence the actions of those around her. It can make their life completely static or grant them anal abilities. What is called Vision will have the chance to become a character known as the Whizzer.

28 December: There is no vision in itself. It will be revealed that he is something else. WandaVision will feature several villains with Mephisto and Grim Reaper being the main antagonists in the series.

While none of this could be verified in December, Episode 2 confirmed last week that Wanda and Vision will indeed be playing Glamor and Illusion stage magicians. This made some people think that the new Wardell is the same Wardell who revealed End of Game secrets. Others have speculated that it all could have been luck, given that Glamor and Illusion are characters in the comics.

Wardell continued his Marvel leaks in January, including details of WandaVision which were dropped after the premiere of two episodes on January 15, including some startling claims:

18 janvier: Wanda's seemingly perfect marriage will be put to the test as Vision is about to become the object of Dottie's affection.

18 janvier: Wanda will create her own version of the Avengers by the end of the series and finally embrace her true self using one of her classic hex throw powers.

20 janvier: The promising actor is bewitched by Wanda who convinces him to sign the multi-picture agreement. Simon Williams is playing a life role that will cost him not only his memories, but his personal identity as well.

Having Dottie romantically interested in Vision would add another layer of depth to the relationship between the two Marvel superheroes. et the inner workings of Wanda's mind. After all, none of this is real.

The claim that Wanda will be creating her own version of the Avengers by the end of the series is fascinating, if true. A different, unverified WandaVision trace of leakage also said that Wanda would give powers to the people of Westview.

But this name, Simon Williams, is also exciting. We've already covered how Marvel teased that Grim Reaper would be one of the villains in the series. In the comics, the Grim Reaper is the brother of Wonder Man, an antagonist turned hero. The latter is called Simon Williams. Marvel also presented a wonder man poster in a WandaVision featurette after the premiere.

Marvel previously wanted to have Wonder Man in the MCU, with the character supposed to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy at one point. These plans were ultimately killed. If Wardell's claim is true, Marvel will introduce Wonder Man to the MCU differently. The tweet also implies that Williams is already at Westview, but what would be the role of a lifetime? Could it be Vision?

The real-life actor who played Vision in the MCU said in a recent interview that he could star with a surprise actor in WandaVision he always wanted to work with it. But Paul Bettany never told us who that person was. Episode 3 will be released on Friday, when we hope to find out more about what is happening to Wanda.

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