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  • Avengers: End of the game didn't have a post-credits scene, a feature of every MCU movie that Marvel uses to move the story forward and tease future adventures.
  • le WandaVision The marketing tour included an interview where Elisabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany asked questions about the MCU. This is where the news of the cancellation End of Game the post-credits scene has been dropped.
  • le End of Game tag would have teased WandaVision, addressing one of the film's biggest mysteries in the process.

One of the perks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the use of post-credits scenes to tease upcoming adventures and move the story arc forward. Post-credits scenes have become a hallmark of MCU movies, and we expect Marvel to continue the tradition in future Disney + shows and films. Most superhero movies these days feature their own credits scenes, and we've seen the practice used in TV series, with Strange things be a prime example of this.

There is one significant exception so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that is Avengers: End of the game. The movie doesn't have a real post-credits scene, with Marvel instead honoring the original Avengers during the credits, with a particular focus on Iron Man, who died minutes earlier during the film's heart-wrenching climax. However, it turns out that Marvel had at least one post-credits scene planned for End of Game, and we finally know what it is.

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All the films that lead to the epic End of Game final, and Far from home which followed, featured one or more credits scenes that fans died to see. Thanos, the MCU's greatest villain to date, has only appeared in War of Infinity et End of Game. He was featured in several credit scenes before that, which helped Marvel advance the Infinity saga scenario.

Marvel also used the scenes to tease the next adventure in the series, providing some iconic clips along the way. Most recently, it's through end credits scenes that we've learned how Captain Marvel got wind of Nick Fury's post, saw where Ant-Man was during the Snap, and saw J. Jonah Jameson reveal the identity of Spider-Man.

But none of these scenes were as expected as End of Game. What could Marvel show after its biggest MCU? Nothing, we would learn before End of Game first. Then again, having a post-credits scene in the movie would spoil the emotional finale somewhat, distracting attention from what just happened on screen.

Almost two years later, the first Marvel show made for Disney + was to critical acclaim. WandaVision has been a hit so far with critics and fans alike, and we've only seen two of the show's nine episodes. This means the web is full of leaks, speculation, but also continued marketing from Marvel and Disney.

Thanks to the interviews around WandaVision, we has just learned that one of the End of Game the post-credits scenes were about Wanda and Vision.

IMDb organized a short interview on WandaVision, with Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany questioning the MCU. This is where Bettany told Olsen about End of Game credits scenes that Kevin Feige and Co. finally pulled.

Olsen: “What do you think the percentage was after you were killed in Infinity War and there was no special tag indicating that you had not been killed? What do you think was the percentage of your return? "

Bettany: “I was sort of, really, in the 10% -15% type. At one point, I was going to be a tag, where [Wanda] opened some sort of body bag drawer, and there was The Vision. Kevin (Feige) kind of spoke to me and said, “I just have to, I have to pull the punches. And I was like, "Oh," because I really wanted that profit sharing! "

Vision was the only Avenger who was not revived when the Hulk canceled Thanos' Snap. This is because Thanos manually removed the Mind Stone from Vision's forehead in War of Infinity, killing him for good. This is why Vision does not appear at all in End of Game. The proposed credits scene would have been great not just for teasing WandaVision, but also to address the fate of Vision after War of Infinity. But now that WandaVision was launched, we'll soon learn what happened to Vision after Thanos killed him.

Full IMDb the interview follows below:

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