Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State for the Holy See announced in Bamenda

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The Italian cardinal, Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of the Vatican, will be in Cameroon from January 30 to 31, 2021. The information is contained in a press release signed on January 13 by the Archbishop of Bamenda. Officially the emissary of Pope Francis will go there to hand over the Pallium to Bishop Andrew Nkea Fuanya, appointed archbishop of the ecclesiastical province of Bamenda since 2019.

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In an interview with our colleagues from Mutations, Jean-Paul Betegne, a specialist in canon law and teacher at the Catholic University of Central Africa (UCAC), explains that the Pallium is a Catholic liturgical ornament consisting of a band of white woolen cloth, the wearing of which, on the chasuble, is reserved for the Pope and the metropolitan archbishops. “It is the very symbol of the pastoral authority of the archbishops and the Pope”.

However, the Pope's initiative to have his Secretary of State in Cameroon raises some questions from the Jesuit priest Ludovic Lado. On his Facebook page on January 15, the prelate wrote: “Why is Pope Francis sending his Secretary of State to Cameroon at the end of January? Certainly not just to hand over a Pallium to an Archbishop in a battered land. We can't wait for him to be a messenger and friend of peace at 237 [Cameroon code used to designate the country, Editor's note]! Strongly also that he finds friends of peace on his way ”.

Clearly, the man of the Church hopes that the visit of the cardinal Pietro Parolin in Cameroon is the beginning of a mission of good offices from the Vatican with a view to resolving the Anglophone crisis. Especially after, in his Christmas 2020 message, the Sovereign Pontiff once again invited the political authorities of Cameroon, "To continue the path of fraternity and dialogue undertaken ».

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