Didier Drogba admits that there are inconveniences associated with celebrity

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Being a star is not always easy! Although they can be envied for their fame, their money and their thousands of projects, being popular also has several disadvantages. Didier Drogba spoke about it.


Too many unfriendly feelings accompany the lives of stars. This is what Drogba Didier told the magazine tomorrow. The star believes that too much attention is paid to him and this thanks to his talent as a footballer.


For the former captain of the Elephants, it is thanks to football that he is an accomplished man today.  “Football for me is a profession, a job, a passion. Football has allowed me to build myself. What made me an accomplished man today (…) We all dream of becoming the best player in the world, we dream of becoming a personality, we all dream of becoming famous like Didier Drogba but we do not realize that 'with fame, also comes criticism, jealousy, envy, complacency and popularity (...)


If he is very satisfied with his success, but especially with his football career, the Ivorian international would sometimes like to be away from the spotlight. “My football career has been peppered with life lessons. There is no success without media coverage. Even the most humble, shy person is going to be in the spotlight. It is not at all easy to be a famous person, but there are stages in the life of a man that you have to accept to take. These are life challenges that you have to accept and that's what will make you a great ”, he said.


After reading these confidences of Didier, do you still want to be famous one day? One thing is certain, to be popular today, you have to be strong!



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