From actress to business woman, who is Emmanuelle Keïta?

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Wanda People, the Wanda Team brings you today to the discovery of Emmanuelle Keïta, ex-actress and now one of the most followed businesswomen in Côte d'Ivoire.

While there is no shortage of film actors and actresses on the Ivory Coast, like Gohou Michel or even Emma Lohoues, there is one that has marked the minds of moviegoers and continues to do so today with its various other assets.

Emmanuelle Keita is indeed a former Ivorian-Mauritanian actress and model who caused a sensation by playing in numerous series and commercials. The production that really made her known to the general public is the Ivorian series Dr. Boris, which is broadcast on pan-African channels such as Tv5 and 3Atélésud. She then played the role of Clara, the ex of Dr Boris, whom she absolutely wants to recover.

Emmanuel Keïta was also part of the cast of Gohou Show, a magnificent sitcom broadcast on the Trace Tv channel, where she played the leading female role alongside the great Gohou Michel. But while his career is growing in success, Emmanuel Keïta falls in love and decides to drop everything in Abidjan to join the football player. Kafoumba Coulibaly who played in France, at the Nice club.

Shortly after she married him, their love took the water when Kafoumba Coulibaly was transferred to Turkey at the Kasimpasa club and was injured during his first match. Emmanuelle Keïta, who had two children with the footballer, takes her distance and embarks on entrepreneurship.

Divorced, she creates her brand About EK Empire and markets slimming corsets, vintage jewelry, and skin care services.

Today, Emmanuel Keïta is an accomplished businesswoman followed by more than 200K subscribers on Instagram. She has also been a decorator and French-speaking muse of the Thriller mobile application since last May.

But more than a businesswoman, Emmanuelle Keita is also and above all a “big mouth”. The young woman is indeed very often at the heart of the news for her repeated clashes with stars. We thus remember a plagiarism case had opposed it to the Ivorian YouTuber Yvidero. She openly and unrestrainedly accused the web-comedian of having plagiarized the project "The Confessional" of a young man who asked her to help him realize it.

Also, Emmanuelle Keita suffered not so long ago the remonstrances of Suspect 95, after she encouraged young girls in difficult circumstances not to reject the advances of the “Sugar Daddy”. While she recommended that they accept their offers and extort money from them, the rapper had not hesitated, during a debate, to criticize the thought of the influencer:

« There is nothing more dehumanizing, objectifying, and animalizing for a woman than to be in a relationship where it only serves to satisfy the libido of an old man. He said.

Finally and very recently, Emmanuelle Keita had attacked the Congolese humorist Noah Lunsi, calling for a boycott of the “Noheezy Show”, his Instagram live show, the principle of which is to make girls dance or twerk in rather daring outfits:

« Ceci is not a clash or a bad buzz desired ! the businesswoman spoke on social networks. I just want to draw attention to the increasingly frequent participation of my community in the 2 cent (negotiable 1) Instagram direct of this young man, where the woman is completely devalued and thrown into popular retribution! I hear that they do it of their own accord, but the very idea of ​​live is macabre and the participants are little naive in search of buzz! I ask all these women (Ivorian in particular) to boycott with the last energy the direct messages of this young man. I say! Take care. EK. #noahlunsionteboycotte ».

In any case, there is no doubt of the dynamism of the young Ivorian. We wish good luck to Emmanuelle Keita in all her activities.

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