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Parents welcome the news of an unborn baby with a lot of hope and dreams. However, the first diagnosis that the doctor makes in relation to the newborn can sometimes be the bearer of bad news revealing the existence of a disease, a malformation or an any abnormality in the newborn. 

Alexander's mom abandoned him at birth 

All over the world, children are sadly abandoned every day. As this little two year old boy abandoned in the street, Alexander K. is a baby born in Russia who was abandoned by his mother. According to the Argentinian daily Clarin, the latter judged that she was unable to take care of him, especially in his unusual condition. The fact is that since his arrival in the world, he suffers from a rare disease called "SOX2 anophthalmia syndrome" which is characterized by an absence of eyeballs resulting in total and irreversible blindness

Alexander was born in Russia and is currently 10 months old Source: Valery Kataksin

Nurse who cared for him when he was barely 6 months old tells Daily Mail that he was no different from other children, that he played and smiled just like any healthy baby does. She adds: “He loves to play and swim, he's a really happy baby! ". 

"Little Alexander also called Sasha was born without eyes" Source: Valery Kataksin

Apart from two benign cysts present in his forehead since his birth and which will also end up being removed some time later, the little boy is doing very well and has no disease related to his condition because you should know that SOX2 anophthalmos syndrome is so rare that it affects only one in 250 children. Dysfunctional development usually does not only touch the eyes but also other parts of the body, such as the genitals or the nervous system. 

Alexander needs permanent follow-up to have as normal a life as possible

Failing to be able to allow him to see the world around him one day, doctors can, on the other hand, place dummy eyeballs in his eye sockets so that his face does not distort over time. He will also need to have surgery every 6 months so that he can replace them with larger globes. 

Alexander suffers from SOX2 anophthalmos syndrome Source: Valery Kasatkin

Thanks to his zest for life, little Alexander has been able to win the hearts of all those who have met him from near or far and has the habit of responding with a smile to all the familiar voices he can hear. He could be adopted and found a loving family ready to take care of him in all circumstances. Hopefully he can have all the love and tenderness he deserves so that he will remember forever that in this world it is not just people who have chosen to abandon him. Like Alexander, this blind and orphaned little boy meets a man who changed his life

Parents react differently when their unborn child has a disability 

As the French medical book "The Announcement of Disability in Maternity" explains, people's reactions are variable and differ in terms of intensity. Some may nevertheless be marked by violence and even create dissension within the couple. Without counting on the influence of the entourage and the company which can inadvertently push the parents towards irresponsible, even criminal acts

Many of them end up in a state of " psychic deafness »When the medical specialist tells them the facts and explains to them the nature of the anomaly and how to behave towards it. The shock can completely dominate them and make them fall straight into the trap of defensive incomprehension. This denial ends in many cases by mutating into a desire for abandonment. Still others take the perversion even further. As is the case with this blind little boy is disabled beaten to death by his mother's boyfriend.   

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