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Help Santa Claus find his lost bear Source: Fabiosa

Your goal is quite simple: You have to help Santa Claus find his lost bear. The latter would have hid among the reindeer, leaving Santa Claus in complete confusion.

Did you manage to find Santa's bear? Source: Fabiosa

Puzzles are a great way to stimulate your brain at any age

The cool thing about puzzles like this is that they involve everyone, regardless of age. Moreover, it often happens that certain games initially intended for children do not amuse them and that even adults end up doing it. This is because parents sometimes see it as a challenge and as we all know, the urge to test one's logic and intelligence is often overwhelming.

It is important to play educational games with the family Source: Fabiosa

It is also good to know that this kind of riddle and puzzle comes with a lot of advantage compared to other activities such as watching TV or playing boring or repetitive games. Yes certain foods can help improve your brain health, these games can also improve your concentration and appeal to your analytical skills as well as critical thinking. It is ultimately a workout for your brain allowing you to look at things from different points of view.

It also improves your ability to concentrate, which will inevitably a positive impact on your productivity in everyday life. So whether you're spending time with your kids or doing more advanced puzzles for adults, you're a winner either way. Besides, playing educational games with your children will help them stimulate their brain and imagination. Above all, it will help them move away from screens that have a harmful impact on their brain

So, have you managed to find out where Santa's bear is hiding in the riddle above?

If you were successful, well done! But to make sure you have the correct answer, check out the image below.

Here is where Santa's bear was hiding Source: Fabiosa

If you want to have more fun, we have come up with another puzzle that you should probably solve. This is our gift to you!

What is the correct circle to insert? Source: Fabiosa

We hope you had a good time with these puzzles and bring them and others similar to your loved ones. This will challenge them and make you all have a great time with your family! You can also play 5 optical illusions that will reveal 5 secrets of your personality. Let's see what you can find! 

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