Can I kiss my vaccinated father? And other questions; here are some answers

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Can I kiss my vaccinated father? And other questions; here are some answers 


A new round of lockdowns are now in effect in England and most of Scotland, as well as Wales and Northern Ireland.

Here are some of your questions about the vaccination rollout, new international travel rules, and school closures.

Questions and answers

Vaccine deployment

Your questions

  • My 89 year old dad was vaccinated a week ago. Is it safe to give him a hug now?By Cheryle Locke

  • Is it true that the vaccine can affect fertility?From Patricia, Weston-Super-Mare

  • Will the vaccine last your entire life or will you need to get vaccinated every 12 months, like the flu shot?From Robert Parker, Warwickshire

  • Is it safe for me to receive the vaccine if I am allergic to penicillin?From James, Bristol

  • Vulnerable people aged 65 to 70 were not included in the first round of vaccinations. Will we definitely have the jab after the first group?By Ian Cross, Watford

  • Will vaccination teams be regularly tested for coronavirus so as not to infect the people they are protecting?By Ivan Young, Romsey, Hants

End of vaccine deployment

The latest travel rules

Your questions

  • Can I go home for my vaccination? I live in a different county with my bubble of support, but registered with my GP elsewhere.From Ida, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

  • I am currently in Gran Canaria Spain and plan to return home (London) around February 26th. Do i need a PCR test?From M Rad, London

  • I am currently in Norway. My flight back to Aberdeen is January 12th. I am a permanent resident and my husband is Norwegian. What are the conditions of arrival?By Dahliah Aziz, Aberdeen

End of last travel rules

School and university closures

  • Why can the government not decide to keep all pupils and students behind a year so that no one misses their education?By Anne Ellioy, Iver

  • My daughter wants to go back to university, the course is online until February but her classrooms are paid. Is she allowed to come back?By Jennifer Carter, Bath

End of school and university closures

Winter lockdown

Your questions

  • Can I go out for a walk with friends?By David Girling, Portishead

  • Are support bubbles still allowed for single parents? This was not covered in the Prime Minister's announcement.From Liz, Sheffield

  • My elderly mother is my supportive bubble but she doesn't live locally (about 90 minutes by car). Am I still allowed to go see her?By Tina Howson, Leicester

  • I am a nurse and my husband is recovering from blood cancer. Going to work means taking risks on your life. Can I be on leave?From Lisha, Fareham

  • I'm 77, should I stay?By Maureen Watkins, Sheffield

End of winter closure

The new variety of strain

  • Can you explain how the new variant of the Covid virus is more transmissible? What does this mean exactly?

  • Why does this virus spread so quickly if we wash our hands all the time?

More questions about vaccines

  • How do staff know that the vaccine they are giving you has not expired due to improper storage?

  • Is it safe for pregnant women and their babies to get vaccinated?

  • How can we be sure the vaccine is safe with such a short trial period?

  • When the vaccine rollout begins with priority group 1, will people in this group who have already had Covid be vaccinated?

  • Is the vaccine compulsory?

  • How long will the immunity last once vaccinated?

More questions about vaccines

  • What should people do after receiving a coronavirus vaccine? Continue life as usual, wear a mask, respect the rules of distancing?

  • Is the Oxford vaccine suitable for people with weak immune systems, such as transplant recipients?

  • Is the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine safer or more traditional than the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines?

  • My husband is allergic to eggs and cannot get a flu shot because they use eggs to grow the vaccine. Is the same with COVID-19 vaccines?

  • Is it useful to take the Oxford vaccine because it is not effective enough?

  • Will I be able to choose which vaccine I will receive?

  • Does the Moderna vaccine have storage and distribution constraints similar to those of the Pfizer vaccine?

  • If the vaccine is successful and the vaccination starts, how will I know if people around me in a public place have been vaccinated?

  • What is the difference between a cure with a low risk of reinfection and a vaccine that is only 90% effective?

  • I've been waiting two months for a skin cancer biopsy. Does the Covid 19 vaccination program mean I am waiting longer?

  • If the vaccine will not be compulsory, is it possible for establishments to make proof of vaccination a condition of entry?

  • Considering that the Pfizer / BioNtech vaccine must be stored at very low temperatures, would there be major logistical challenges in this regard?

  • Will the new vaccine protect against the Covid mutated by mink?

End of More questions about vaccines

The NHS Covid tracking app

Your questions

  • Currently, the NHS tracing app requires IOS13.5 or higher to be installed, so it is not compatible with older phones. Is there a job around?

  • My wife and I are currently living apart until I retire. I live in Cumbria, she lives in Fort William. Which plotting app should I use?

  • I have a bar and a restaurant and I just watched the BBC report on the new NHS app and QR code. Where do I get the QR code?

  • I have hearing aids connected to my smartphone via Bluetooth, will this affect how the app works?

End of the NHS Covid tracking application

Everything about the coronavirus

  • What is the coronavirus?Most requested

  • Once you have had coronavirus, will you be immune?Most requested

  • What is the incubation period of the coronavirus?

  • Is the coronavirus more infectious than the flu?

  • How long can you be sick?

  • Asymptomatic people are considered “silent spreaders” - what proportion of the population is estimated and how do you find them?

  • Why are diabetics not included in clinically extremely vulnerable patients and will the list be updated?

  • How dangerous is the coronavirus for people with asthma?

  • Are otherwise healthy people with disabilities at greater risk of coronavirus?

  • Will people who have had pneumonia experience milder coronavirus symptoms?

  • With key workers wearing some sort of mask, how are deaf lip-reading people supposed to understand what is being said?

Protect myself and protect others

Your questions

  • What should I do if someone I live with is self-isolating?

  • Should people stop having sex?

Me and my family

Your questions

  • I am five months pregnant and want to understand the risk to the baby if I am infected?

  • I am breastfeeding my five month old baby - what should I do if I catch coronavirus?

  • Is it possible to catch coronavirus from a pet dog or cat?

End of me and my family

Labor problems

Your questions


  • I'm self-employed. Can I claim benefits if I cannot work because of the virus?

  • Who is eligible for universal credit?

  • If you have to self-isolate, will you only get statutory sick pay or will your employer pay your wages?

  • What are my chances of getting a job locked out / when the lockdown is over


Your questions

  • Can I travel to Ireland then to another country and then return to the UK via Ireland to avoid quarantine?

  • Do key workers need to be quarantined?

  • Will my roommates also have to be quarantined because of me?

  • If I have to quarantine after a vacation and can't work from home, will I get paid?

End of quarantine

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