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Sometimes we can't explain what attracts us to the opposite sex. Is it his kindness, his gaze or, on the contrary, his slightly macho side that gives rise to this growing desire in us to see him and tame him? Even if the tastes and the colors are not discussed, the celestial waves agree to say that these 3 signs of the zodiac characterize the men most attractive for the female gente: 

1. Gemini


The Gemini man is very intelligent and is constantly looking to develop new skills. Curious and dynamic, he loves going on adventures and living new experiences. The native of this sign has an overflowing energy that he expresses on a daily basis. In addition, he takes advantage of his extensive knowledge to share pleasant moments with his many admirers. In addition, Gemini inspires confidence and knows how to give good advice to others. In his company, women generally feel very comfortable and can share their most sordid secrets with him. But contrary to what one might think, Gemini is far from being a “best friend”. He knows exactly how to dispel any ambiguity. Very quickly, he succeeds in going from confidant to lover and driving his companion crazy in love from him.  

2. Lion


The Leo man is an outstanding seducer. He is self-confident and does not hesitate to brag about his many strengths in front of women. Daring, the native of this sign takes risks and likes to titillate his conquests to boost his ego. His seductive gaze and his sense of repartee do not leave anyone indifferent. Moreover, the Leo man is a bon vivant who knows how to take advantage of every moment to make it unique. His good humor is contagious and he is proud of it. In addition, he does not easily express what he feels but is extremely sincere when he does. He can't stand hypocrisy and lies and can oust toxic people without a hint of remorse.   

3. Balance


Gentle and caring, the Libra man seeks harmony in his universe. Endowed with a natural charm, he uses and abuses the flattery which arouses the admiration of ladies. The native of this sign is generous and always seeks to please others. Faithful, he is not afraid to commit to a long-term relationship provided he finds his soul mate. Despite his thoughtful character, the Libra man can splurge out of love. Indeed, when he gives his heart to a woman, he will prove to her in a thousand and one different ways that she is unique in his eyes and that he is ready to do anything to make her happy. 

4. Capricorn


The Capricorn man displays a stable and organized character. Ambitious, he dreams of a successful future and gives himself the means to achieve it. Thus, the native of this sign persists in his work and may lose the notion of pleasure. However, when he is in the company of his friends, women see only him. Her well-groomed appearance, shifty gaze and serious demeanor arouse curiosity. Mysterious, this man speaks little but when he strikes up a conversation, he knows exactly what to say to arouse the admiration of others. He is very intelligent and has a quality that few men enjoy: maturity.  

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