Daniel Balavoine: who are his children?

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The 14 January 1986, Daniel Balavoine disappeared in a helicopter crash. The French variety singer was killed at 33. A national star, he left behind a wife and their two children. Jeremiah Balavoine et Joan, fruits of his love for Corinne Barcessat. What happens to his two children? Jeremiah Balavoine was born July 15, 1984. He was only one and a half years old when his father died. Like his father, he is passionate about music and plays instruments. He is manager of his father's artistic heritage.

With his little sister, Jeremiah et Joan grew up fusional. " My big brother, the first man of my life, commence Joan. We spent our childhood glued to each other ", confided the thirty-something to the weekly. January 14 will mark the 35th anniversary of the death of Daniel Balavoine.

A childhood in search of identity

Joanshe never knew her father. The young woman of 34 years was not yet born when the star disappeared in an accident. Growing up with a famous father she never knew wasn't easy for Joan. " I agreed to look like this guy while not really knowing who he was ”she confided to Paris Match. " Spontaneously, I would say that it was the death of Michel Berger [editor's note: in 1992]. I was 6. Suddenly, people I loved didn't have dads either.« 

Today, the tandem perpetuates the musical heritage of Daniel Balavoine, whose tubes are still broadcast on the airwaves. Their mother Corinne Balavoine remarried with television director Serge Khalfon.

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