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It's a story that comes straight from the Caribbean. Body of dead man denied entry to own funeral, a ban which seems somewhat surreal at first. British newspaper The Sun brings us the details of this very strange story.

Church staff refused to allow Che Lewis to attend his own funeral

Che Lewis was a 29-year-old who was shot and killed along with his father, Adlay Lewis, in their family home. It is a real tragedy which falls on this family and it is unfortunately not the first, since Che's brother was also assassinated in July. The funeral is therefore quickly organized so that the family can say goodbye to him. It is here that strange scenes could have followed one another. Dressed in a pink jacket and white pants, Che's body was first embalmed while sitting on a chair. He was then taken to the church passing through the nation's capital and ended up at St John's Church in the town of Diego Martin. It's the church staff, completely stunned by the state of Che's body, who refuses him entry.

Che Lewis body denied access to own funeral - Source @ denniesfuneralhome / Newsflash 

Family members do not even recognize the deceased 

Che's body is then installed in front of the church where the funeral takes place. The Sun reports that some family members didn't even realize that the young man sitting in front of the church was actually Che. There followed equally strange scenes where, again according to the British newspaper, some passers-by would have even reprimanded Che because he did not wear a mask in times of a pandemic. They were very far from suspecting that the young man sitting in front of them had already breathed his last. The entire ceremony was filmed and broadcast online. 

Che Lewis body sitting at the entrance to his funeral Source: @ denniesfuneralhome / Newsflash 

The funeral home questioned after the ceremony

After the ceremony was over, several people turned to the funeral home that handled Che's body for answers. The latter revealed that it would be the family who requested that the body of the deceased be embalmed in this way. However, the query itself is not strange to them since it is a service they openly offer to their customers. Like this woman who was brought out of her grave 3 years after her death, some rituals may seem strange to us and are practiced by several ethnic groups all over the world. 

The fact remains that it did not take long before the police intervened in this case. Officer Brent Batson revealed to local media that transporting a deceased in this manner is an offense and that investigation will take place to investigate the funeral home in question.

Extreme embalming, a new trend

You might be surprised, but Che's case is far from the only one, or even the strangest. It is Insider which reports several cases of a new trend known as extreme embalming, where the body of a deceased is embalmed in a non-traditional position. We can cite, for example, the case of Renard Mathews, an 18-year-old young man whose body was embalmed playing video games. If these embalming shock more than one, these atypical funerals remain in themselves only rituals that help families to accept the death of a loved one, something that is never easy.  Here are some tips for dealing with the death of a loved one yourself. However, this is not the opinion of all professionals, Dr Claudia Ruiz offers a somewhat different interpretation comparing these extreme rituals to a form of denial. Dr Luiz specifies, however, that this must be analyzed on a case-by-case basis and according to the emotions of the people involved. The fact remains that funeral rituals continue to evolve over time. It is also possible that in the future, human bodies are neither buried nor cremated

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