Here is Lewandowski's big secret to success

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Here is Lewandowski's big secret to success


Robert Lewandowski has been rightly awarded the FIFA Best Player Award after an exceptional year in which he achieved a hat-trick for Bayern Munich.

Nevertheless, Thiago Cionek, a Polish international defender, explains that his compatriot has a big secret that always makes him special on the pitch.

The 32-year-old Polish striker is in spectacular form. He leads the race for the Golden Shoe with 15 goals, to which must be added three more in the Champions League. Polish is clear on his path to success: ambition, hard work and a personalized diet planned by his wife Anna. Thiago Cionek, Lewi's former partner in the Polish national team, gave details of the diet following the Bayern star in an interview on ESPN last May.

"He's a guy who wants to improve himself as a player, so he has a special diet that his wife imposes on him. She is a nutritionist and well known in Poland. Robert even told me that the big change in his career, when he reached the elite in clubs and in the national team, was when he drastically changed what he ate. His wife helped him a lot, and even several national team players are now on the same diet, around five footballers. It's a different way of preparing and eating, which was fundamental for him. In training camps Robert tries to pass these advantages on to other players ”, explains Cionek.

"On game day, he eats a lot of protein. And there is always tuna for breakfast. Avoid anything that contains gluten and lactose. The day before the game, after dinner, he still garnishes a bowl of rice pudding to fill his body with carbohydrates and glucose for the game the next day. Then, in the recovery, the vegetables and avocado“, Assures the Brazilian of Polish origin always about his compatriot.

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