Célestin Djamen the former secretary of the MRC betrayed Maurice Kamto

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Célestin Djamen the former secretary of the MRC betrayed Maurice Kamto 


While taking part in a press conference on December 15, Célestin Djamen, the former secretary for human rights at the MRC, indicated that he was resigning from the party whose president is Maurice Kamto.

For journalist Chantal Tchuilé, Célestin Djamen had 50.000 million to quit Maurice Kamto's party and join the government. “If you see major resignations from the Mrc on television, it's because of the money, it's because of the sharing of these 500 million FCFA and ministerial posts. We are talking about 500 million FCFA to share. I thought I saw that Mr. Djamen must give a conference today to announce that he is resigning from the MRC, and that he is launching his party. The file of his party is signed by a certain Mr. Ngah ”, says the journalist.

Chantal Tuile also adds that many negotiations are currently underway in the regime's camp, to get MRC executives to return their jackets in exchange for 5 ministerial posts and several tens of millions of FCFA.

 “We were waiting this week in Yaoundé for the 7 departmental presidents of the Mrc in the West. I personally went to look for Mr. Djamen in Douala, and Mrs. Ndoki whom we did not have the chance to meet, she was in Yaoundé, we were negotiating with many other MRC executives who agreed to a appeasement ", he argues before attacking the political formation of the torch. “Those of the Rdpc went to present the case to their political party as if they were the initiators of the affair. The case failed, it was a question of giving 50 million FCFA to those who would agree to betray Maurice Kamto and have a place in government. 50 million FCFA, this is not what was planned. A rapprochement was planned. According to my information it is 500 million FCFA which was planned per person to enter the government ".

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