Pope Francis likes this ultra daring photo of a scantily clad young woman, the canvas ignites

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Pope Francis likes this ultra daring photo of a scantily clad young woman, the canvas ignites 


The entire web fell from the clouds, and Christians even more so, when the information circulated. The current sovereign pontiff would have liked an ultra hot shot of a model dressed more than light. However, everything becomes clearer when we know that the Pape Francois does not manage its social networks itself.

Internet users shocked and then amused for a `` Like '' of the Pope on Instagram

When you are a public figure, every little thing gains momentum and every tweet can reach people around the world. This is even truer for Pope Francis, who leads Catholic Christians around the world.

A simple “like” can be controversial, and even more so, when it comes from a man who has taken a vow of chastity but who likes the particularly daring photo of a Brazilian model. We understand that the whole community is raising its eyebrows, very high!

Indeed, a few days ago, Internet users discovered that one of the admirers of Natalia Garibotto, is none other than Pope Francis, since the Instagram account of the Holy Father liked a picture posted by the young woman since October 5, 2020.


We see the young woman in a very lascivious position against what appears to be a row of school lockers, in a garter belt and in an ultra short outfit that clearly leaves her butt in the air, reminiscent of a schoolgirl uniform, in '' American School girl '' mode. Mischievous, Natalia Garibotto replied: " At least I'll go to heaven! »

Note that the young woman in question is a model and an influencer, who has more than 2,2 million subscribers. Moreover, she was the girlfriend of Kyrie Irving, an Australian-American basketball player.

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As you would expect, there have been plenty of comments regarding this story. However, the majority of Internet users were greatly amused by this sulphurous image associated with the Pope. You could read comments like: " Thanks be to God, I discovered you thanks to the Pope! And many other mocking or ironic puns.

Distracted community managers in the Vatican, a godsend for Natalia Garibotto!

As an influencer, the buzz can only do good to dear Natalia Garibotto. Also, the young woman of 27 years quickly seized this windfall that this like of the Instagram account of Pope Francis gave her.

This is how the model took advantage of this situation to send out invitations to those who are interested or curious to see more sexy photos of her. She therefore invited them to visit her website to see more… like what, she does not lose the north, Natalia Garibotto!


As for Pope Francis' Instagram account, while many were amused by this story and many others are suspicious of what happened, there are those who were shocked to see such an associated image. to the Pope. However, they can be reassured, because of course, it is not the Sovereign Pontiff who liked the photo.

You should know that if the latter has accounts on different social networks to be as close as possible to the faithful, it is not he who manages his accounts. Indeed, they are all managed by a large international team of community managers, hence the impossibility that Pope Francis has liked anything on a social network of himself.

Even if the Sovereign Pontiff seems rather open in matters of sexuality, it is very likely that this is a confusion attributable to a member of his staff, who, while wanting to like with his personal account, used the Pope's account. Francois.

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