Here is Lampard's key player to bring down Atlético

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Here is Lampard's key player to bring down Atlético


Atlético de Madrid and Chelsea will face each other in the round of XNUMX of the Champions League. One of those who greeted the draw result in the worst mood possible is England team coach Frank Lampard.

English coach Franck Lampard obviously understands the site that must be overcome to achieve the elimination of Atlético. However, with a very young and renewed squad, Lampard has named one of his players as his anchor point. The key that will allow other players to face a duel as complicated as this one. Frank Lampard believes Thiago Silva should play a key leadership role.

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"He will be very important and he is not the only one ”, said Lampard. “Other players have Champions League experience in what is arguably the best club competition in world football ”, he added.

For him, this tournament “requires concentration and talent because it is very intense". "Some have already experienced it. Thiago was captain in a final, not long ago, he will be able to pass on his experience and be very aware of these levels in two matches against a team as experienced as Atlético"He said.

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