Prophetess Christ-Tamaya reveals the origin of fame and fortune DJ Arafat

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Prophetess Christ-Tamaya reveals the origin of fame and fortune DJ Arafat


The prophetess Christ-Tamaya, who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, made some rather disturbing revelations about the big boss of the Yorogang, the late Dj Arafat, and the new cantor Claire Bahi in a post made on her Facebook page.

Christ-Tamaya made great revelations about Ange Didier Houon alias Dj Arafat, who died on August 12, 2019, following a tragic motorcycle accident. Through a message posted on her Facebook page, the Prophetess reported that the Beerus Sama became rich and famous through occult practices.

“DJ Arafat owes his fame and his fortune to a satanic ritual. He was even offered to sleep with his mother. But he chose not to do anything good with his money. This is the reason why he did not buy a house and that he was still rented… ”, she said.

Then add: “His karma will be alleviated in his middle phase of existence and his later life because he paid homage to the Buddha in one of his songs. For this supreme act, he is in the eternal light and protected by the angels ”.

Christ-Tamaya did not stay, just there. She also attacked Claire Bahi who turned her back on the Couper-shifter just days after the Daishikan was buried.

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“There was one who was afraid of dying early too. She hurried to grab the robe of Jesus Christ. Hence “Satan, I got you”… My darling, you didn't say everything when you went to public confession. The demon never gives anything for free ”, she said.

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