Ouattara and the opposition forced by France to collaborate in a government

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Ouattara and the opposition forced by France to collaborate in a government


Will Côte d'Ivoire experience yet another government of national unity after the violent electoral parenthesis that has just taken place? It is certainly towards this usual pattern that the political class seems to be heading. At least, that's what France wants to impose on Alassane Ouattara in exchange for permanent diplomatic support..

France is pushing hard at the moment for a government of national unity in Côte d'Ivoire. It is an open secret. To be able to obtain a kind of lull conducive to its business, Paris is trying to cut the pear in two in the electoral crisis in Côte d'Ivoire.

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A sort of gentlemen's agreement which would like to admit the election of Ouattara to the opposition. In return, Ouattara will not be able to afford the luxury of governing alone as he has done for the past ten years. Snakes difficult to swallow for both camps. But, we will have to get used to it and prepare for it. Indeed, after his minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, Macron agrees with this.

"It will be up to President Ouattara to define the terms of a peaceful political life. He will undoubtedly have to make gestures of openness in the composition of the next government as well as towards the younger generations of political parties.“, He says in his interview with Jeune Afrique. He also looked favorably upon the gestures towards Bédié and Gbagbo.

The word is out. “Opening gestures in the composition of the next government”. What's in all of this? Can Côte d'Ivoire afford to resolve fundamental legal problems by bringing the famous "Unity government", a real inoperative crab basket?

For the parties in conflict, it is a delicate passage which is preparing. The militant bases might not enter this political game. Which always ends in conflicts and facade reconciliations.

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