Guillaume Soro lashes out against Macron and tells his truths

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Guillaume Soro lashes out against Macron and tells his truths


Not impressed by Emmanuel Macron's harsh words against him, Guillaume Soro did not take time to respond to the French president. Soro is unequivocal: he will continue to fight Ouattara wherever he finds himself in Europe "an area of ​​freedom" he said.

"The stability of Côte d'Ivoire does not lie in maintaining a monarch in power. The only antidote to instability remains democracy and therefore respect for the Ivorian constitution. No one will force me to admit that Ouattara is within his right to violate the constitution ”, Soro said, after reading Macron's remarks that he nevertheless said he did not want to comment.

To Macron who said that he is no longer welcome in France, Guillaume Soro replies that “Europe remains an area of ​​variable freedom. I will continue to oppose the violation of the constitution of my country with all my strength ”.

For Soro therefore, the fight against Ouattara's third term cannot suffer from a kind of Sword of Damocles that would be hovered over his head to prevent him from denouncing. “The Presidency for Life in Africa I will always oppose. I will never give up my freedom of speech. Let it be heard ”he warned.

Macron announces that Soro Guillaume has been kicked out of France

Treaty of destabilizer by Emmanuel Macron, Soro wanted to tell him who is the real destabilizer of Côte d'Ivoire. “The destabilizer is the one who puts political leaders in prison. Who has a young Ivorian beheaded to impose the law on cannon and militia ”, he said, deploring the fact that Macron did not have “a word for the more than 100 dead in Ivory Coast ”“They are negroes. Well done!", Soro concluded in his tirade.

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