Here is how the wizards of Benin overtake Pastor Makosso

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Here is how the wizards of Benin overtake Pastor Makosso


Not long ago, in a post on social networks, the Ivorian Reverend Pastor Camille Makosso said he was coming to Benin to challenge the mystical forces there.

"Because of prejudices, thousands of pastors refuse to go to Benin (…) Tell the witch doctors and wizards of Benin that the general of God is coming to announce their death", Makosso wrote.

A statement that sparked many reactions including that of the Beninese slammer artist Kmal who made the "Father of the kids" that his circus will be the last he tries.

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This statement by Kmal, many people have called it threats, but far from it. As a Beninese, born in the realities of this mystical universe, the slammer was in fact trying to save the skin of the Ivorian pastor. Him whose faith can be shaken at the sight of pretty thighs and buttocks.

In reality, the Ivorian Reverend Pastor Camille Makosso cannot under any circumstances carry out a "Demonstration of power" with the Beninese mystical forces. Why ? The person himself confirmed it during a recent media release without knowing it.

Guest on the show "Accused, stand up" broadcast on Trace FM this Saturday, November 21, Makosso admitted, in fact, to have cheated on his late wife Tatiana Kossérė, after being assaulted by the prophetess Christ-Tamaya on an issue related to polygamy.

“I have known more than 200 women. My wife, I cheated on her with a pretty mixed race girl. When I saw the girl's thighs, I couldn't hold on .. The quality of her thighs and her posterior unbalanced my faith and I took it out… And a child came out. Alas! the child died… It was not the only one. I admit that I cheated on my wife ”he said.

From these words, it is clear that Camille Makosso has a weakness for beautiful girls with bewitching thighs and bewitching curves. So we wonder how he will compete with the fetishists or wizards of Benin, if his faith can be shaken by the fairer sex. A weakness that will undoubtedly be exploited by wizards and witch doctors to annihilate it and shut its big mouth.

If he knows Benin well as he claims, he should know that it is not pastors who can challenge these forces that are lacking. And also wonder why all the religious sides coexist and coexist in this small country of West Africa in peace.

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So Makosso should take the advice of Beninese slam artist Kmal if he doesn't want to finish. "Missing or that his body, by chance, is sent in a coffin" for the Ivory Coast. In short, this spectacle would make him bite the dust, if he did not turn back.

Benin is certainly a small country, but it continues to give credit to its cultural heritage which today forges its reputation as a mystically dangerous country. So… be careful, don't want to play David and Goliath Makosso! In any case, the Beninese are waiting for you with firm feet on the land of King Bêhanzin.

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