Booba shares funny information about the Covid-19 vaccine

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Booba shares funny information about the Covid-19 vaccine


Emmanuel Macron will soon speak about the vaccine against Covid-19. In the meantime, Booba is commenting on a news about it. He looks rather shocked by the "news".

On his Instagram story, he then offers us a screenshot of an article from Mail Online. A rather incongruous info.

Booba then reveals a very intriguing title: "British people vaccinated against Covid can get QR codes on their [smartphones] to […] participate in football matches".

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What then is this affair? Rather than making the vaccine mandatory, this headline suggests Britons will be rewarded if they get vaccinated, according to news shared by Booba.

A good way to motivate the damned to go for the vaccination… Yes, we know that making vaccination compulsory does not really convince everyone.

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It is also a freedom that many refuse to give in: that of having the choice or not to be vaccinated. Yes, this practice does not only have followers, and some remain skeptical.

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