Background: Olivier Sohaing Tayou, the new strong man of the Sohaing group - CAMEROON CEO

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In his place, given his social rank, many would have taken the less perilous paths to reach the heights, but Olivier Sohaing Tayou does not belong to this school. Charged with a supercharged enthusiasm, the son of the famous billionaire André Sohaing forged his own path, followed his path. Despite growing up in opulence, before reaching the top of the ladder - this meticulous entrepreneur who focuses on the positive in all circumstances - fought hard to rise up and had the ability to make a name for himself exclusively through his work. His career is a lesson in life that should steal the attention of all young people from a favorable social background who plan to conquer a prominent place in the business world.

Contrary to what one might think, being born with a golden spoon in the mouth does not allow a smooth start to professional life. On the contrary, there are gravities that can weaken you if you do not have a strong mind. 

Everyone knows that in the Sohaing family, effort is wrapped in panache and goes hand in hand with business acumen. Olivier Sohaing Tayou is the embodiment of this courage, this resilience in the face of hardship. His early fascination with entrepreneurship pushes him to take major initiatives and willingly spare himself the routine, that patch of stifled daily lives.

Aware that school is the framework par excellence for social advancement, he invests in it with extreme rigor and surprising discipline. After obtaining his baccalaureate, he enrolled at Skema Business School, a large business school based in France in the city of Lille, and obtained a Master's degree specializing in audit and management control. A training that he completed at the prestigious London Business School.

At 45, this graduate of the London and Madrid Chamber of Commerce who took the trouble to revise his claims has held important positions in large groups.

He made his first feats of arms at Price Water House Coopers as an auditor in 1997. 2 years later, in addition to his professional activities, he decided to embark on humanitarian work to share the seeds and his good graces with the less well-off populations of the continent through `` APPUI '' the organization he co-founded, a voluntary body which organizes cultural events and builds boreholes in the villages of Sub-Saharan Africa in order to fight against poverty and financial empowerment.

Attracted by complex and rapidly and constantly evolving environments, he joined Accenture as Business Strategy Senior Manager in September 2000 to revitalize the activities of this international consulting and technology company. He spent almost 6 years there.

In 2006, to the great happiness of the entire Cameroonian economic community, he resolved to put his vast experience and expertise at the service of the family group. A highly anticipated return home that mobilized the satisfaction of his peers. It was this impressive challenge that saw him a decade later as General Manager of the Akwa palace hotel, the main showcase for companies owned by his father, the former mayor of Bayangam commune in the western region of the country. A position where everyone can now feel and measure the usefulness of their immense potential.

Whether we like it or not, Olivier Sohaing Tayou is proof that success does not necessarily depend on his social environment, which makes him the emblem of this encouraging category of entrepreneurs who wet their shirts for themselves. make a place on the scene of the builders.

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