Here's where the late DJ Arafat's ex-best friend has been hiding for a while

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Here's where the late DJ Arafat's ex-best friend has been hiding for a while 


The Couper-décaler artist, Debordo Leekunfa, has been very discreet for a few days. Stepped up on November 2, 2020, to deplore the arrest of DJ Volcano, the late DJ Arafat's ex best friend has no longer given any sign of life on his various communication media (Facebook and Instagram

The singer has also not been seen in a single street corner in Abidjan since then. A situation that aroused the reactions of some of his fellow artists.

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"My TANGSON to me, the way you lack calves there, that's how we miss you." The observation is that we love you ”, Eunice Zunon had alerted. It was followed on Friday, November 20 by the foal of the beautiful producer Emma Dobré, Kerozen DJ: "If you miss the national mimi Debor too, come check in", he posted on Facebook.

In addition, some people, believing that Debordo Leekunfa is not at his first blow, also deplored his silence. “Debordo is very talented. He has a beautiful voice but his problem is that he lacks consistency. How we can disappear like that without leaving a trace. All of this hinders the development of his career ”, commented a user.

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Reached by phone, a relative of the artist told Afrique-sur7, that Debordo Leekunfa joined France well before the presidential election of October 31 in order to honor a contract signed with a French label. According to our interlocutor, Le Mimi national should return to Abidjan in December for the end of year celebrations.

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