Entrepreneurship in the DRC (4/5): the designer Fifi Kikangala shakes up the codes - Jeune Afrique

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Congolese designer Fifi Kikangala in Paris

Fifi Kikangala, Congolese designer, in Paris © © Bruno Levy for JA

Daughter and sister of lawyers, Fifi Kikangala stood out from the “natural” choices that could have been imposed on her to embark on interior decoration.

She dreamed of being an architect, she became an interior designer. After her state diploma (the equivalent of the bac), Fifi Kikangala left her native Kinshasa for Belgium to study architecture.

After a year, it changes course: restrictive administrative procedures, papers to renew, requirements higher than elsewhere, etc. It's too much ! The young woman enrolled in a marketing school, where conditions were more flexible. She graduated three years later… to follow an interior design course.

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