Artists flee Makosso peace concert

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The peace concert initiated by Reverend Makosso Camille starts badly. Several artists programmed to animate this show declare to be associated with it "neither near nor far". Bebi Philip, Vitale, Molière and Abomey the elephant have distanced themselves from this project. They blame the organizers for not having consulted them before associating their image with the event.

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A very confused situation which pushed Makosso to explain himself on the web. For him, "all these artists were contacted by Yves Djédjé and confirmed their participation". He admits, moreover, "that a free concert does not motivate". Reverend Makosso promised to explain "the secret purpose and the real reasons for this event" in the coming days. In the meantime, the concert of peace is taking water from all sides.

Dan Singault

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