Media: After her fashion show, ex Top Model Fatim Sidimé in a reality TV

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After having matured this project for many years, the ex-model and fashion promoter Fatim Sidimé now has her reality show. A project inspired by former international top model Kimora Lee Simmons. In this reality show, through his career and his daily life, it will be a question of being a light to enlighten youth.

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“My show shows everything about my journey. For example, I explain to young people the different cogs and keys that we have used to be at our current level. This can allow them not to waste time on certain things and to arrive faster and further ”. Entrusts the patroness of Sidney Conceptual which will be filmed in different places around various themes in their natural setting without artifice.

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The official launch of the 6-minute capsule is scheduled for this Sunday, November 22, 2020 at 17 p.m. Like a soap opera, the daily life of the former top model through his various activities will be shared on his Instagram account with his followers at the access address “fatim.sidime.officiel”.


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