Yannick Noah talks about the racism he and his son are victim of

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Invited on the set of “C à vous”, Friday, November 20, the former tennis player spoke of the racism of which he is a victim. He then spoke about his son who is also going through it.


“In fact, Jo, he finds himself in situations where people don't know he has black blood. So there the tongues are loosened. And there, he gets angry. So he chooses his friends. He chooses his friends based on that. They must be tolerant. They have to understand. It's just impossible for him, he can't compromise, Jo. He is young, he is 15 years old. ”


Yannick Noah then explains: “We are all mixed up at one point. Jo, he's blond, maybe he'll fall in love with a blonde honey, and they might have a black guy. So what are they going to do? ”


Joalukas is the youngest son of Yannick Noah and Isabelle Camus.

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